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Discussion in 'Archived' started by Woolrus, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Has good judgememt skills, might warn people for legit reasons +1
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  2. Frank Corelli was INNOCENT!!!!!!!!

    Hence, +1

    Dude is fantastic with whatever he does - Helpful - Has good judgement calls - Friendly - Perfect fit.
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  3. +2
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  4. +1 mang do it for the memes BIG FRANK!!
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    But why!?
    It would be nice to have a corrupt admin/friend on the admin team +1
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  6. During the time spent under Woolrus in the PD, I had very little reason to believe he deserved his position as captain. At the time he was meant to be a role model for the server being a high ranking member of the faction and had the responsibility to act accordingly. Instead he spent his time being more than inefficient and a nuisance to the people who had to cooperate with him. His inability to show signs of leadership and lack of being able to show seriousness when in a role of power/authority really makes me think that he will be unable to perform efficiently as a moderator.

    I remember on one occasion, somebody asked him nicely to take his job seriously in /f, in the next COMM situation we got into, he proceeded to play soundboards after he died. Childish stuff like this, really shows the attitude he has when it comes to the server.
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  7. +1 good guy, gustavos role model in the pd
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  8. +1, server needs some good admins.
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  9. Considering the fact we hardly interacted at all in the PD, I'm guessing your opinion on this reply is from the time you were suspended from OB due to a joint decision, from that moment yourself and a couple of people have had a problem with me. You can ask a majority of the people that I worked with and helped out during my time in the PD in regards to half of this and they can tell you that I did take the role seriously and I tried my best with the role I was doing. I put in as much work as the next person to earn the rank I did, while I might not have held the rank for the longest time due to the way a roleplay situation turned out it doesn't mean I didn't deserve the position. I've got loads of interviews and handbooks left over from my time in the PD that I never actually added to OB due to the fact I finished with the PD before I could implement them into the division.

    Being promoted as quickly as I was didn't give me time to adjust to everything at the time due to an inactive division and the PD being inactive in general (as it is right now). That being said I'm not going to say that I acted seriously 100% of the time, I did mess around and have jokes with people from time to time, but pretty much everyone in the PD does this so there is no point in denying it. If you look at MTG right now you can clearly see that's something that everyone does as well.

    I know exactly where you got this part of the response from considering you werent even in COMM at the time. I had a hotkey for a soundboard I used on TS enabled, I accidentaly hit the hotkey during a COMM situation, as soon as I hit it I left COMM, turned it off and rejoined. I even explained that it was a missclick in /f afterwards. I can even provide a VOD for this showing exactly what happened. I shouldn't have had a soundboard enabled while I was on patrol in the first place but I did and it's my fault that happened. That being said thanks for leaving your opinion, I appreciate it. If you really feel like responding to this just stick it in a pm or on my wall so my application isn't spammed with it...
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  11. [​IMG]
    hm +1
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  12. Nooooooooooo +1
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  13. +1 extremly active
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  14. for real though dexter_jones is a great guy and would make a much better admin than Hog . He's active and understands the server extremely well. No reason not to accept him tbh (other than he's shit at rp).
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  15. I know I've already posted but YOU need him on the admin team.
    He's perfect for it I see him tabbing/afk all the time isn't tht what admins doo!?
  16. [18:31:07] (( Frank_Hall says: its ok ur the only admins here i do not need to impress you as you know im already the best player mtg has ever seen ))

    Only wants to help people when there are admins online, would end up being a mod like Haz that only cared about helping out when there was lead admins around. No thanks.

    On another note, a complete troll, feels like he has the right to judge other admins based on their decisions when he's had no experience on the admin team on this server, extremely annoying troll that doesn't like it when things don't go his way.

    I like what he's doing with the government, seems cool, atleast he does RP now.

    Shame you already butchered mine and many others opinions on yourself.

    E: Not to mention this is one of the main contributors of the likes being removed from statuses, along with his pals.
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  17. Tldr: u a bitch ass
  18. I dunno, likes got removed from the good old statuses and I'm not happy about that? I'm tossed up here
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  19. [18:31:07] (( Frank_Hall says: its ok ur the only admins here i do not need to impress you as you know im already the best player mtg has ever seen ))

    im the best player mtg has ever seen

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  20. +1
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