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    On the eve of the V-RP Closed Beta, the V-RP team is excited to release the official server trailer. Hopefully, this trailer satisfies that urge that we all have to get this server launched just a little bit longer as we begin to allow a select few onto the server.

    (All footage taken on the V-RP Test Server)
    As some may have heard, the V-RP Closed Beta will start sometime tomorrow. During the duration of the beta, the development team will crack down on bugs and issues which are discovered to prepare the server for official launch. Once the beta concludes, we will take a final gloss over the code and ready it for full launch. We don't have a set date yet, but we will announce a launch date once it has been decided.

    Special thanks to Norton for putting this trailer together, ItzJordan, 101spud, and Catháir for providing acting abilities, the V-RP development team for all the hard work everyone has been putting in, and of course the community for being patient and understanding during this entire process. This server is for the community, we would not be here without you.
  2. My damn likes!!!
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  3. Very nice work. Does a good job of outlining the key features, and has got me hyped for the server. Can't wait.

    Also that phone is looking nice.
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    Shows a lot of detail about the server and is really enjoyable to watch. Gives some hype to many people to look at the new features in detail. :) Fantastic job. Really liked the narration too. Good job to everyone who helped make the trailer :).
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  5. [​IMG]
    At your service
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  6. Really glad you actually showcased some of the unique features MTG's GTA V server has. Great job lads, a really nice, professional looking trailer. Can't wait lads.
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  7. I know it's a Discord sound!!!! Everytime I played it back, I would've just thought that was my Discord going off lmaooooo
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  8. Perfect trailer to represent the server, very simple and modern. The current script looks much better than all of the other servers I've seen so far, so excited to play this when it is launched.
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  9. That was one good trailer, good work guys!

    This actually got me really hyped and can't wait for the open beta!
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    0_0 looks great
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  11. Good stuff.
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  12. I saw that subtle nod towards street racing ;)
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  13. I'll say there's currently no big support for you guys (car modding, etc.) but as soon as the big stuff is done I'll put that on my priority!! Street racing RP, especially in GTAV will be awesome.
  14. Yeah with GTA V we won't be as limited with our RP as we were with SAMP. We can actually add power to our cars now (well soon hopefully)
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  15. How will the in game time work in the server btw? Will it just be the same timezone as the SAMP server or is there like a system behind it?
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  16. RIP PD, the amount of alley ways is going to make it easier to get away.
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  17. At the moment it is based off of LA time, however, eventually we want it to be sped up so two in-game days occur per real day.
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  18. Who the hell does the speaking in tge video? Kinda sounds like Chenko
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  19. discord text to speech....
  20. Not TTS, it cost me 20 dolaroos
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