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    In an effort to involve the community as much as possible in the preparation of MTG V-RP, we have decided to begin accepting applications for a V-RP Closed Beta.

    I know many will be disappointed with the closed nature of this beta, however, a closed beta will better allow us to handle major and minor issues in a quick manor and in such a way that they will not affect the longterm longevity of the server. This includes stability issues, exploitable bugs, etc that would ruin the experiences of a live server resulting in the loss of potential new players from outside the community.

    There has not been a set date for the beginning of the closed beta, however, it will be soon. The players will be chosen randomly from the pool of submitted responses and will notified via PM with information once the closed beta is open.

    The server will be reset once the closed beta ends. This will not offer an unfair advantage to testers.

    To apply please use the google form below:


    Screenshots & Videos of the closed beta will be allowed.​
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  2. When it says Link to Forum Page does it mean this thread?
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  3. No, your forum profile. I'll clarify that
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  4. How many people will be allowed into the beta?
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  5. enough
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  6. Depends on how many apply.
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  7. Will those accepted into the beta be allowed to post pictures and such of the beta or are you guys going to ask that those accepted keep things under wraps?
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  8. I accidentally lied on "Are you a member of one of the following on SA:MP:"
    cuz i am in the gta:n one, sorry about that!
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  9. Cool idea.

    Will information about the server be locked down so people don't leak stuff or will it be released for all to do anything?

    EDIT: What Smoothie said, oops.
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  10. ssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame
  11. I just sent my application Norton make this happen you promised!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxo jianio
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  12. Just to lower your hopes a bit, it's gonna be random :p
    Pray that you get picked xd
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  13. How many will be picked or do you have an idea yet?
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  15. WHAAAAAT but i put loads of effort into my application more than any other! :0
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  16. this is a bigger tease than my sister wearing lingerie please just get it out!!!! :(
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  17. I bet that's also what you say to your sister too hahaha
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  18. what you mean "i bet", you were fucking there you nawty thing you
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  19. what the hell
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  20. Yea they can post pictures.
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