The Release of V-RP

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  1. Hello MT-Gaming!

    The V-RP Development team is happy to announce that we are finally comfortable with the current state of the game-mode and are ready for a full public release!

    The V-RP server will initially release on the Grand Theft Multiplayer client as GTA:Network currently has a few issues with their client which causes constant crashes. The client for V-RP, however, is not set in stone and we will be constantly evaluating all of our options to determine which is the best for the future of MTG V-RP. (Download GT-MP Link)

    The official release date barring any extenuating circumstances is Friday, July 28th 2017! A handy banner will be placed at the top of the forums to give us a countdown! If you need a reminder of what to expect, take another look at the trailer:

    I'd like to extend a special thank you to the V-RP development team for all their hardwork, the V-RP beta testers for finding a bunch of bugs, and the admins across the forums for their input. Furthermore, thank you to Conor for all of the fantastic graphics he has created for the V-RP team.

    We do expect a few hiccups during release as nothing ever goes smoothly so please do be patient with us on Friday! This thread will be updated with a server IP on Friday once the server is up and ready.
  2. Hey that's pretty good!
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  3. This is a great day for moving gamers!
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  4. jeez i cant wait
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  5. Why GT-MP? Seems pretty unsecure considering it's forums got hacked the other week
  6. GTA:N is not currently stable. While the forums did get compromised, the client is still secure.
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  7. Almost fucking choked while drinking water.
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  8. do you need forum account to play
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  9. Nope, you're good to go.
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  10. Conor you give me boner
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  11. If anyone takes the name Dylan I will fucking go on a rampage be warned.
  12. So if I'm understanding this correctly the official public release will be next Friday? Or can we play on it right now unofficially?
  13. You have to wait until Friday
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  15. Absolutely buzzin lads lets fucking go hahahaha
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  16. will we get a banner like we did with samp?
  17. Can't wait, hopefully it turns out good
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  18. Cannot wait
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