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The Cavaliers

Discussion in 'Private Organizations' started by Stokely, Aug 10, 2017.

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    On a Tuesday night in the corner of a dark bar, 4 strangers meet and agree to a spontaneous game of poker. Each down on their luck from a series of costly events, only measly $5 notes are pushed forward round by round until one suggests they rob a bank.

    It's a joke, but the air is thick. One person sat round the table has already tried and failed to heist a bank, losing his two best friends in the crossfire. Another spent most of his life withdrawing millions till bankruptcy crippled him. The third has just emerged from a stint in prison, saved only by tainted evidence and undeserved luck.

    It's not much, but it's enough. A look is shared, and the line has been crossed. The four will meet again and again in the same bar, every Tuesday night for the next six months, building a friendship and the roots of a criminal gang. It's petty at first - two will keep watch while one hotwires a car, the fourth already poised with his foot on the pedal. It's messy, but it's fluid.

    It's small time, until now. At the same table in the same bar, the team decide they're stepping it up a notch and that they need a name. On that night, the Cavaliers are formed, and they're pushing cards round a table, planning their first organised robbery.
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  2. ((Thought we'd have a crack at a gang video instead of attempting 9 jacked up paragraphs. Probably watch in 720p otherwise it looks like minecraft))

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    Felix Summers grew up in a rich family, living in the family house in the Richman Hills. He was always around money & would continue to be so in his adult life. At the young age of 23, Felix secured a job in the city as a stock trader, trading hundreds of thousands of dollars every day. This, however, was his downfall.

    When he lost a large client, and himself, a huge sum of money whilst trading he was promptly fired from the firm. On the same trade Felix had also invested a large sum of his own money, which he subsequently lost, causing him to be declared bankrupt shortly after being fired.

    Now starting from nothing, Felix meets what is to be his future crew. Ready to claw his way back to the top, by any means possible.
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  7. pengerz
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    are you happy now you TROLLS
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    ((The following is IC CCTV footage from the robbery. This would ICly be available to LSNN & LSPD if they wish to use it. Everyone is RPly wearing masks so no identities would be made out. Any other questions about it, PM me))

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