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    It is no secret that the general state of the forums in the last few months is toxicity gone unchecked. This can be attributed to a few reasons and the blame does not solely rest on the admin team or the players. The blame rests on both groups. The admins for becoming too lax with the forum rules and the players for taking gross advantage of them.

    Moving Target Gaming is more than just a couple game servers. Our forums reflect that. MT-Gaming is a gaming community in which players can discuss, share, and enjoy many different things that may not have anything to do with SA:MP or V-RP. However, the forums have begun to sink into a dark state where vile content has been left alone and allowed to become the norm. No one thinks twice about seeing someone post something totally uncalled for on another's wall on the front page of the forums because we are used to it. The problem is the front page of the forums is the way we present ourselves to new players. It is the first thing they'll ever see of MT-Gaming outside of the servers. I'll tell you right now, they aren't getting an impression that makes them want to be apart of this community.

    Before moving on with the this announcement, it is important to note that while MT-Gaming values supporting a forum for free and open discussion, we are a private entity. The administration team is free to remove any content which violates the rules which are laid out at their discretion. This is not censorship, this is moderation. Different websites and forums have different levels of tolerance for various types of speech and you must abide by said forums policy to continue to freely enjoy them.

    Furthermore, this is not an attack on your free speech as some will chime. You are free to be an asshole if you'd like but not on MT-Gaming. Some will also argue that we are all adults here and should be able to say what we want. I agree in that we are all adults and should know what is objectively appropriate to say when discussing things with other adults. I would be utterly dumbfounded if any of you spoke to your parents, employers, etc in the manner in which you speak on the forums.

    Finally, before getting into where we are heading moving forward. Some will argue "it's just a computer screen, turn it off." To you I say, it is not just a computer screen. People tend to say that words are just words and that actions have consequences. Well, in an online setting the absence of face to face actions exasperates the idea that words, in fact do, have consequences. People respond to things differently and while you may be able to turn off your computer and forget about the things that someone said to you, many others cannot. Those words follow them when the screen is off. Those words sit in their head, they do not leave. It does not matter that someone over the internet said them. It only matters that anyone at all said them. You do not know the inner struggles of your fellow human being and it is incredibly selfish to think that everyone is able to deal with things in the same way you are. We are all different. The inability for you to be slightly empathetic, to have an ounce of sympathy, and to just think how if you believe it is so easy for them to just turn off the computer, then why don't you do it yourself. Just turn off the computer and never write the hateful words which you are about to post.

    So, what exactly is changing? From this point on, the admin team will return to strictly enforcing the rules of the forums and removing content that violates these rules. This includes inappropriately offensive content, trolling, off topic posts, posts solely for likes, etc. Users will also be warned appropriately and temp-bans will be automatically placed. The forums are not a place for users to harass and troll each other. They are not a place to voice your opinions in a vile and unnecessary manner.

    From this point on toxic, edginess, trolling, bullying, harassing, etc will be dealt in a swift manner. If you decided that you don't like the fact your friend got punished and are going to jump on a circle jerk bandwagon complaining, your post will be removed. If you happen to break a rule in the process, you'll also be punished.

    Profile Posts

    Due to the fact that players can delete and moderate their own profiles, the admin team is supposed to step back and let players deal with things themselves. However, this has proven to be ineffective as most players would rather argue and hurl insults back instead of deleting a post and moving on. Furthermore, many players continue to harass people on profiles after that player has deleted their posts. Sure, they could block them but that simply makes the harasser move on to their next target and continue to fill the new profile posts section with trolling and inappropriate nonsense. To mitigate this, a usergroup has been created which will hide a users profile posts from the sidebar. Admins will still be able to see the persons posts on the sidebar and users will be able to see them if they actively search for the persons profile.

    This is a first step which will be evaluated. If this does not successfully discourage the use of profile posts to harass and troll other players then the profile post sidebar will be removed.

    Forum Rules

    In attempt to better clarify the rules which will be enforced, a new tab as been created at the top of the forums. This will be where all MT-Gaming rules can be found whether they are for the forums, teamspeak, or a gaming server. The SA:MP and V-RP rules have not been added to it yet, so please do not report that as a bug.

    Link (Can also be found by clicking the Rules tab at the top of the forums)


    At the end of the day, this process will have growing pains but as the name implies, they are necessary to grow. MT-Gaming needs to move on from this behavior and return to being the community to which people look forward to coming onto and discussing things. Through this process, certain individuals will end up being shown the door and because of that we will unfortunately see some dedicated players leave us. However, at the end of the day, if they were unable to behave in a manner which is conducive to a friendly community, then they simply did not belong here to begin with. Finally, this is a joint message from the entire team and not something that was decided by unilaterally. The entire MTG staff believes that this is the correct direction for the forums and something that needs to be done.
  2. Very good to hear. A few years a go I probably would have been in the 'No, I need free speech' camp, and was a critic of Rickles methods. However now, having been here the majority of MTG's life, the forums are in perhaps their most toxic state at a time where we'll hopefully be introducing new players in a chance to reinvent what MTG is.

    I think peoples boredom has manifested itself in just trolly behavior paired with others becoming more vocal about politics and religion. I don't mind these topics being discussed, but people really need to keep it civil. It's a gaming forum first and foremost and it should be welcoming to all.
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  3. 18+ game, PG13 forums.

  4. You know there are people under 18 on here. Also just because people are over 18, it doesn't mean they want to see that content.
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  5. I was under 18 when I first started MTG, you didn't see me crying because someone posted something. I just ignored it like a sensible human.
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  6. I suppose people with the usergroup you mentioned in "Profile Posts" or to be exact here
    Will be forum PM'ed if they do receive or currently have it, or is this usergroup still WIP?
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    They'll most likely be notified via PM either a PM informing them of just being added to that group or as part of a default warning PM.

    Edit: I've created a warning template for it so you will get a PM directly when the warning is applied.
  8. Do we get little stars on our shirts with this special little usergroup for those admins don't see as fit?
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  9. I'm surprised I'm not already added to that user group
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  10. Back when Rickles was a admin and if he made a announcement like kevin, your post may have gotten 100+ likes on that comment
    #justsaying #fuckyouricklesilost100+ likes cuz of u
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  11. Okay, I guess it's confession time. I will admit I am a huge scumbag and a dick for what I did to Anas_101 and I would like to apologize. My actions were dumb and it's due to my attitude. I do confess I need to better my behavior and will do it in a swift manner because from what I see the stupidity/toxicity I caused led to this announcement to be posted and once again I do apologize to the admin team and to the victims I harassed. It's past now and I hope you all forgive me for what I've done. This post is really just to make it clear I'm not a stupid asshole that sits on a gaming site and harrases people, I will now keep my opinion to myself when needed and express it when needed.
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  12. if we behave good can we get likes back on statuses. incentives are good yes

    c'mon everybody let's be good thanks
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  13. TBH if the server is based on a game which is 18+ then the forums should allow that type of content, it's not MT-G's fault that their parents don't care
    But un-needed toxicness shouldn't be allowed, people target others and they gets a worse wrap than what they do
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  14. Thank you for deleting my post talking about how my opinion differs from the admin teams and I am going to voice my opinion whenever I can. You're just proving how much of a despot led community this has become.

    I look forward to this being deleted, also.
  15. Your post was deleted for the manner in which you expressed your opinions and not for expressing them. A distinction you seem to have a difficult time managing.
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  16. Sorry if I'm missing out on something, but MTG now isn't half as toxic as it was in previous years. Seriously, am I missing something here, because MTG now is much much tamer compared to what it used to be back in the day. Why are people playing it up to be a bigger issue now than it's ever been? If we're talking about profile arguments they used to happen all the fucking time years ago and there were some absolute bangers of insults in the mix there. Nowadays I see more discourse on profiles more than anything where people actually discuss things that are happening where resulting to petty insults is reduced, and even when it does the insults pale in comparison to the norm 2-3 years ago.
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  17. Remember that suggestion about having to give users a delete reason? Maybe you should use that.

    My opinions were expressed in a completely fine way. Was I calling for the psychical assault of another user? No. Was I calling that user an offensive term, possibly racist? No. The admin team is CONSTANTLY deleting stuff that is NOT against the RULES.

    I weep for the day when you have any sort of power in the real world when you can't even take criticism of your actions over a gaming forum.

    My picture of a snowflake got deleted within 5 minutes of posting it. Browny, an ex-admin, called someone a "nigger" and it was there for 20 minutes before it was deleted, and I had to report it too. If I called someone a "nigger" now I guarantee I would have been banned on the spot.
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  18. maybe i have my rose tinted glasses on but mtg used to not be this 'toxic' what ever the fuck thats supposed to mean in 1 and 2.0

    Atom cba quoting
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  19. Insinuating another user licks ass and calling the admins retarded is not a completely fine way to express your opinions. It is childish and inappropriate. It masks your entire point behind your own immaturity.
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  20. Is it just me or ever since you got admin have you been deleting shit you don't agree with and starting shit with other people by doing that. It's like the Ricktatorship all over again to be honest
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