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  1. I want to preface this by saying that this hasn't and will not affect the majority of players. It has recently come to our attention that a former admin is using their log access in an attempt to access player's accounts. This is done by searching through the logs for players who have used /changepass incorrectly (typed /changepass [password] instead of waiting for the dialogue box to pop-up). Here is what it looks like in the logs if you have not used /changepass correctly:


    If you think you have used /changepass incorrectly at any point in the past then it's imperative that you log onto SA:MP and change your password to something else. We have already started reaching out to players who may be affected but you can never be too careful.

    Here is how to correctly change your password:


    I am very sorry for those who have already been affected by this. @Einar has already made sure that something like this cannot happen in the future. It's important to note that all player passwords are hashed and apart from not using /changepass correctly there is no way for admins to see player passwords.
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  2. So if I got this right. If a person have never used /changepass then that person won't get that happen to him
  3. Yes that's correct. In that scenario that person would have nothing to worry about.
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  4. Great April Fool's prank, totally had me bamboozled. :D
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  5. hey for once i can say this to you

    you stupid old man
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  6. Pretty sure this isn't the first time you've said that to me.
  7. damn u got me good
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  8. i think ur just salty that u got bambongdled
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  9. is this real or april fools?
  10. This is a real issue. It wouldn't be an April fools.
  11. It's honestly real, bad timing but best putting this out as soon as we found out about it.
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  12. its real
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  13. This is a real issue because I got hacked last night and the person went on mass DM with my account :(
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  14. Let me guess it is the one who got banned for admin corruption not so long ago?
  15. No it wasn't Cory, Emmet or Eclipse. They may have been banned/removed from the admin team, but they're not malicious cunts.
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  16. It was eclipse, I seen him do it
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  17. Was it Fadge
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  18. Lowkey was Notorious
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  19. Fuck off, I've never sabataged MTG.

    Lowkey though, your pass isn't hard to guess ;)
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