No More Illegal Advertisements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Risen, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Yes players can still put advertisements for illegal items in the IC section of the forums if they wish, as long as it's not advertised in-game via /ad I don't have a problem with it
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  2. Great no more eagles from the desert
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  3. This should be a good edition to the server, it will make it much harder to get a gun, and you'll have to role play well with others before getting to know the guys who can get you the big guns.

    This should work well with the server, shouldn't affect new players though right, bats, katana etc are legal weapons right ??
  4. Bats are legal but a Katana is a big sword that would be illegal.
  5. I no longer play TBH but just wanted to throw my opinion here: Why not just allow it, and the PD does its job.. PD never gives any attention to this ads so everyone just creates the AD having no fear.. But the PD should actually give some attention to this kind of adverts, and probably send an undercover unit to check this dealer and if it happens that he has illegal items, arrest him.. (More RP for PD and somehow more realistic).
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  6. I am very impressed with this new rule! I think it will help create better RP for people to sell and buy these products! I love it! Good job!
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  7. Makes things a lot more realistic.
  8. oh no how horrible! Posting because I need 5 posts.
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