No More Illegal Advertisements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Risen, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Poor new players, they won't have a chance to live a second in our lovely childhood! I'm so proud, I had the best infancy in MTG with the best community, the golden generation ^^
  2. B00! how am i gonna push all my weed now?!?!?
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  3. marina
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  4. Can we blatantly advertise wanting a weapon, though? no cloaking? At our own risk of being caught by the LSPD of course
  5. No.
  6. Dope it'll bring more roleplay for gangs and now shit will be harder to get, good job guys!
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  7. never
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  8. The only time they get ignored is when they just come up and do Do you sell guns? But even so, some people will still sell them
  9. No, The staff at Adviz just blatantly wouldnt allow an ad to be posted if it said "Buying M4"

    Also great addition, Although some of the ads people used to come up with were hilarious especially in 2.0
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  10. Like I said when this was brought up before the forums died, I believe this is needed to create more unique RP, and to force people out of their comfort zone. Good choice, admins.
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  11. This needed to be changed, good job boys :)
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  12. What about vague advertisements? For example: "Looking for protection, call [number]" or something? I mean, protection can mean anything from condoms to a bodyguard, really. Would that still be allowed?
  13. It really just needs to be a blanket rule where all illegal adverts are not allowed. The problem is if people start doing that then LSPD are going to catch on quickly and we're going to be in the same situation again. For now it's a no, it is something I would be open to discussing again in the future though.
  14. You don't really need an advertisement to get a hand on a gun. An alternative method and the more preferred method is to go to one of the factions(like Loonerville/Brystal/Niners) and get a gun off of them because they are gangs known for being violent etc etc
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  15. Yay! >=))
  16. Fantastic change! Will definitely help encouraging roleplay between players / factions.
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  17. Mark once needed to buy pots for his plants. Like..real pots. Yes, he got called buy pot dealers but he wanted flower pots. Can he still advertise that?
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  18. lucky this ese got contacts cuz
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  19. Good new rule is good. Me gusta :)
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  20. Are you still allowed to put things on the IC Section of the forums EG-

    **You root the dark web and stumble across this website**
    Selling guns blah blah blah
    deagle - 29389 dollars
    colt - 48327497 dollars
    etc etc
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