No More Illegal Advertisements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Risen, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    After a long discussion the admin team has decided to no longer allow illegal advertisements to be placed via /ad. This includes the following advertisements:
    • Selling a toy weapon
    • Looking to buy an eagle from the desert
    • Selling some green leaves
    • Have some of my nans' homemade sugar to sell!
    And so forth. It was argued in the past that ICly the receptionist of adviz wouldn't be able to cop on to these advertisements being illegal but some of the advertisements being placed are just plain obvious. We want everyone to go and try and meet people in character to sell / buy illegal items (cocaine, pot, speed, materials, weapons).

    There are still an endless amount of legal advertisements people can use /ad for. For example:
    • Selling / buying vehicles
    • Selling / buying houses or businesses
    • Mechanic Services
    • Bodyguard Services
    • Taxi Services
    • Requesting deliverers
    • Crowdfunding
    • Hiring for a private organization
    The admin team is now going to treat illegal advertisements as non-roleplay and it will result in a kick and warn.
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  2. thank god
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  3. Seems realistic.
  4. This is a great addition.. Thank you.
  5. Finally!

    Shame DB won't be able to get anymore easy busts, haha!
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  6. You're a wasteman.
  7. I think I found my favorite two hours ago..
    A diary about an eagle in the desert...

    Now you can't have a good laugh those that are ridiculous haha

    Jokes aside this is great!
  8. Epic troll
  9. no my name is james randi
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  10. seems legit
  11. Great addition! It'll allow gangs to make better RP when they sell items, so happy that there won't be the cheesy ads anymore!
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  12. now i'll never find a buyer for my book 'the lonely eagle in the desert' aww man
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  13. Better!
    Seems the server is facing massive improvements to the roleplay environment since, such a body left.
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  14. $30 for a book? Psst, no wonder he fucked you off.
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  15. I suggest kicking only for like the first or two weeks, Cause stop stupid people like me forget these rules quick.
  16. Looks like DB's going to be out of a job.
  17. I'm glad this is in, my only issue is newer players will have a much harder time, because I find so many people just ignore them unless they're also newish. Other than that it's about time.
  18. Happy to see the change. Will there be some leniency, such as a PM or just a kick, for the next few days for the players who won't see this?
  19. Absolutely. For the next week or so we won't be warning for illegal advertisements. We will still be kicking people as it stops incoming calls etc so the roleplay can be stopped.
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