MTG:VRP Launch Trailer

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  2. really nice trailor, well done earl and everyone who made it!
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    You always surprise me with your trailers. Great Job!
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  4. your trailers are only getting better the more you make honestly. v nice
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  5. nice editing but doesn't have anything to do with the actual server lol, basically just gta 5 stock footage. good video tho
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  6. it shows what you can do in terms of jobs/rp on the server
  7. good job earl [​IMG]
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  8. Deeeeeeceeennntttt
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  9. Nice work Earl!
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  10. I like the little street racing shoutout.
  11. good work as always
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  12. the song is perfect for the trailer, good work.
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    I couldn't find the discord sound effect in this one

    Good trailer man!

    E: gj getting me hooked on that song lol
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  14. I am sooooo excited, I am excited more than you know ;)
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  15. The hype is real!!!
  16. Seriously amazing trailer, I think if this gets around and people see the script is beast it will be a huge boost for MTG, MTG had some awesome trailers compared to some servers
  17. Visually it was really nice. Good work.

    Will a feature trailer be made? Showing a screen similar to what a player would see and showing off the script.

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