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    Hello everyone and welcome to our new project: MT-Gaming V-RP.

    MTG is always looking to expand into new roleplay servers with more possibilities. We threw the idea of an ARMA 3 life server around for a while. We decided against it as we couldn't see ourselves moving on to voice roleplay.

    GTA:N was brought to our attention by Chenko and a couple of other admins. We began playing with the idea of starting a roleplay server for ourselves. Chenko started right away scripting, without being asked to do so. We approached Kevin with the idea, he got right on board with it. Meaning we can now officially come out and say we're going to be opening our own roleplay server for GTA:N.

    Chenko is leading the project on the development side of things. Crane and Ethan are assisting Chenko in the development of the server. Ethan & Crane are still developing SAMP, they haven't forgotten about it. They're only helping Chenko, their main focus is still SAMP so don't worry about that. The 7/8s will be leading the admin side of things. We hope to create a really unique script, so we can start off sprinting ahead of the competition. Chenko has already started on some major script features such as Custom Character Creation:

    Say goodbye to the whole police department looking like twins! Now when you create a character you'll be able to fully customise your character. Just as you would in standard GTA:Online. That isn't the only thing! Now your characters are tied to your Social Club account. Meaning once you log-in with your Social Club account, you'll get a list of all your characters. Pick one, then log in. This means if you were to purchase VIP, it would be across all of your characters instead of just two like SAMP. This also means there will be little to zero ban evaders or hackers. If someone is banned, we ban their Social Club account from the server. That means they would have to purchase GTA again to ban evade.

    Factions are very welcome.
    Do your best to create that awesome and unique faction with your friends, or... test the waters with public service with our LSPD and LSFMD.
    LSPD features most of what is available on our server but with an improved ranking system(which applies to groups as well), you can have up to 5 divisions now, which would show up on radio chatter.

    So what's the IP? How do I log on? You can't at the moment, as the server is still heavily under development. Here is the plan that Chenko drafted up.

    Server Timeline (All dates TBD)
    • Public Announcement of Server being Worked On
    • Development Blog 1 (Immediately after)
    • Further development blogs
    • Beta 1 - Brief (45-50% point)
    • Further development blogs
    • Beta 2 - Slightly longer (75%)
    • Further development blogs
    • Beta 3 - 1 week+ (Nearing completion)
    • Further development blogs
    • Release

    Do you know C# & JS?
    MTG is always looking for new members to join the development team. Devs no longer need access to our script, to be able to script things for us. It's a lot safer for us to hire people now. Keep an eye on the dev application section to see when applications are open. Please don't pester Chenko about applications, as he's busy and will get to them when he can.

    All of the roleplay commands are the same as SAMP. If would you like to know more about what we currently have implemented, you will need to follow the development team dev blog. Chenko will be posting that later tonight. He will go into detail about everything we currently have, and are currently working on.

    A big thank you to everyone who has worked in secret for the past three weeks on this project.(Chenko Trippy Nickson Crane Ethan Scott Clarke Risen Timothy Kevin) Also thanks to Nova for the banner.
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