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    Hello MTG!

    We're getting with the times and are releasing our very own discord server!

    As of recently we have received reports of players advertising their discords on MTG then using those servers to advertise other communities. Not only have players being using these servers to advertise, they were using them to bully/attack players that joined. MTG isn't responsible for what happens outside of our services. This way, our users can enjoy discord and we don't have to keep responding to messages about third party servers. Also MTG moves with the times, yey!

    Due to these reasons we will no longer be allowing users to share their discords publicly. What people do on their own private discords/teamspeak servers is fine. However, MTG will no longer be used as an advertising service for these servers.

    Sharing links to other discord/Teamspeak servers will result in your status/post being removed. If you continue to post your account may be limited/banned.

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  2. good call millington and admin team had a feeling it was coming :)
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  3. Just an FYI: Once we obtain a Xenforo Discord add-on you'll be able to become verified on the Discord server. Until then, we'll have to deal with most people be unverified. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Also, the server can be found under status updates on the forum main page.
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  4. no verification thread?
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  5. why release when it's not ready and broken to fuck with the awful bot
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  6. twitch chat 2.0
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  7. can there be a group for official mtg graphic designer
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  8. Oh yay, another thing for people to be retarded on.

    Fantastic idea :)
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  10. pls verify x
  11. Not the worst idea, might actually try it out. if I knew what the hell it is!
  12. Someone verify me so i can get out of pleb chat thanks. Im Coson in case you didn't know :)

    EDIT: Ah heere so its me so raaaay and i give this a 10 out of 10 so i do here there so
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  13. discord chat got nuked after a hour lol, pretty bad idea to do a discord and not sort the annoying as fuck bot out
  14. verify me. is hurt cobain
  15. Memes channel please!
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  16. Get warned on the forums for saying a word now the same people are in charge of a Discord.

    Thanks but no thanks we already got all the non-retards already.
  17. Who was reporting that and where?
    I haven't seen any player reports or statuses or anything about this.
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  18. We've been using the community game night discord to coordinate when and what games we plan on hosting. Surely we'd still be allowed to advertise that, or at the very least sort out a channel to use for it on the MTG discord?
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  19. We can sort something out on the MTG discord for sure
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  20. My discord is Toma, please verify me.
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