Let's be honest, the 5000 paycheck is too much.

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Should we lower the paycheck?

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  1. It's realistic. That's your characters fault not the script giving you a certain amount of cash, you just need to learn how to spend your money wisely. If you want to talk about RP u can build char development off that. Your character is always broke because he spends money on drugs. Now he works to fix his habits.
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  2. You are not getting my point.

    A criminal in a street gang doesn't work legally to gain money.

    Buying drugs off people in a massive amount is done to give the faction drug RP. So maybe like 80K down the drain just because to feed the gang with rp
  3. I can surprisingly tell you that I do not pay taxes because they do not affect me in any way , hell , I can just come around gunshooting with a gang in the cityhall just because the taxes are too high , I can organize a riot to take you down from the mayorship on the forums and all that happening while I do not own anything that I can get taxed for , so It's not a good Idea croft ;)
  4. You get taxed on your hourly paycheck.
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  5. Which pd would pay a ransom, once you do you jus encourage it.
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  6. No but they run in and just start spraying even when you have hostages. They don't even offer money anymore
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  7. How about instead of asking the PD for the ransom, you do it more realistically and ask the person's friends for a ransom. IRL you don't just call 911 and say "Hey, yeah, I'm gonna shoot this dude if you don't give me a million bucks and stuff" because it simply doesn't work. Instead, they call the guy's friends or family and say "Give me 50 grand or I blow his fucking brains out" and then they either get the money and blow his brains out, or they get arrested. IRL people generally call the cops, even when told not to by the kidnapper, and they make a plan to catch the dudes.

    Point is, calling 911 for a ransom doesn't work. Call the kidnapped person's friends, take their phone and go through their contacts if you must. Also, choose your targets wisely, some will probably just bomb the place or tell you to fuck off.
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  8. His point not is as soon as PD get involved it just becomes a shit show. They never RP it properly and just rush the suspects rather than taking a tactical approach. Now if they sent someone in UNARMED to negotiate etc.. it'd be a different story but they just track you down and send every member of the PD rushing in with their interventions and OPeagles
  9. That'd be all well and good but the people usually engaging with the PD are just in it for a shootout and don't care for the rp.

    k then..........
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  10. By sending an unarmed person in, you might as well send someone in and say 'Hey, here's another hostage for you to keep! Have fun!' because I can guarantee that person will just be kidnapped along with them.

    MTG Players don't call 911 as often as I'd say people would IRL, so you'll have better chances of actually getting paid by calling a kidnapped person's friends, rather than calling 911.

    If there was a way to get the kidnapped people out without killing everyone, and without rushing in, then I'm sure the PD would be up for it. But let's face it, with SAMP's freezing interiors and bugs and general mechanics, that's not an option. Instead, as soon as a shootout starts, it's back to DM mechanics. Just shoot and strafe left to right with as much accuracy as you can.

    And there's no real method of getting everyone out alive if the kidnappers are just going to shoot the moment SWAT enters, unless you want some sort of tear gas that causes everyone in the room to get knocked out, then watch the statuses get filled up with 'pd2op4me' statuses again.
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  11. Just to add on that, I agree with you there has been times were people have acted unrealistic of the situation going on. Just wanting to get into a shootout heck isn't that what everyone does now days? - But we've done it properly few times and actually not gone gun blazing. Just saying there is people in PD who just want the shootouts and there is ones that want to roleplay. That's your choice if you want to or not but it isn't EVERY officer.
  12. Am speaking under house/business kind of taxes
  13. But you still pay tax, so increasing the tax will still affect you. And houses reduce your tax, so buying one would do more harm to city hall's income than being a hobo. And as far as I know, businesses don't pay tax.
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  14. Crane summed it up very nicely.

    I got my first mil at 600 hours and then at 750 hours I had around 1.5-2mils and then the paychecks changed from 1500 to 5000. I stopped other jobs and only did arms dealer.
    Now at 1400 hours I have stuff worth over 10mil.
    So what I'm saying that in the 1.5k paycheck times it took me 700 hours to get to a bit over million dollars and after they changed to 5000 paychecks it took me the same hours to get 8.5-9 million without job grinding.
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  15. It's more like, negotiator finds a way to contact the suspect and arranges a hostage to be released in exchange for themself allowing them to make contact in person with the suspect and receiving a hostage at the same time. Negotiators are skilled in their field and understand the risks.
  16. So we trade the Mayor for some random dude that says he'll talk to us and stuff? I don't think that's gonna happen. Even if it's not the Mayor, other people can be of more use and less risk to them. So no one would take that offer.
  17. HOSTAGE SITUATIONS! Who said the fucking mayor
  18. Tried it but the majority of MT-G's playerbas I'd too dumb and also come hubs blazing
  19. Give them a dead drop location and turn any phone you used off so they don't track you. Also, move away from your hiding spot when calling/SMSing. If they can't find their friend, they can't rescue him. Same actually goes for the PD, but as someone said previously, PD will never pay out.
  20. no dont change 5000 paycheck i like it