How long have you been on MT-Gaming?

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  1. sometime in may of 2012 so almost 5 years
  2. 2012 gang buz
  3. november 2012 is when I joined the forums. I remember only making a forum account cause Jian gave my last warn to my tempban.
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  4. an hour maybe lol
  5. August 24th, 2012 forums.
    Generally Around February 2012.
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  6. since august 2014
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  7. <---Look or ^ depending on view.
  8. Been here since early 2012.
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  9. January 2012
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  10. Around December 2012
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    I first played October 2011 (?) (I think - just after SA:MP was moved to LS from SF!).
    Stuck around until the midst of 2.0 in LV. Not been on recently, as I'm far too busy with life :(:(:(
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  12. Joined the forums on May 20, 2014. Joined SA:MP before a week or two I believe. Those were the best days (look at it now XD); gonna be 3 years in a month :)
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  13. 18 june 2017 :D
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  14. Around February 2012 I believe I joined. 5 and a bit years too long if you ask me
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  15. a month or two before the server moved back to ls, 2014 i believe. but i already knew about samp and mtg from kevin a year earlier but i didn't have a pc to play this thing called samp and the "kevin server".
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  16. August 2014
  17. early 1.0
  18. Joined VERY end of 1.0, didn't play much because other RP servers then 2.0 came out and I played it loads! Been playing SA:MP since 2007/2008, mostly free roam until 2011 or so, was introduced to SA:MP at a young age from my brother that is why I didn't even bother with RP until 2011 or so. Really got into it when 2.0 was around. Eased off then went back to the other RP server, still play that other one, abandoned MTG at this point due to the incredibly low player base.