Happy Halloween!

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    "When witches go riding,
    and black cats are seen,
    the moon laughs and whispers,
    'tis near Halloween."
    Happy Halloween everyone!!
    This year you will be able to buy & win some rare clothing items. We have added a witch hat and devil mask to all clothing stores. These items are non-VIP items and are only purchasable over the weekend, after that they will be gone until next year. We have also brought back the maze! (/halloweenmaze) if you failed to conquer it last year you will get a second chance at it this year. If you manage to make it to the end of the maze you will be awarded with a unique pair of glasses.

    Share the spirit of Halloween by placing a pumpkin on your friends head! players with pumpkins on their head can type /createpumpkins to force a pumpkin on surrounding players (relogging makes it disappear).

    Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween and we didn't think it would be right to celebrate Halloween on samp without it. Crane has scripted in trick or treating! so dress up with your friends and go door to door typing /trickortreat for some special goodies (cooldown is 20 minutes).

    There will be many events in-game this weekend. We are giving away up to $100,000 in prizes and Gold VIP so make sure to stick around.

    Click here to visit to the latest changelog.​
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  2. yeye u too
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  3. Maze. Time to get lost again.
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  4. My record on the last maze was 32 seconds I'm gonna beat it now.
    Also it would be cool if it was thunderstorm all day long.
    E: no mason PLZ
  5. Me and Brayden are dressing up as onions for halloween! Watch our PO thread for more info braders!

    Great features guys, thank you :3
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Who wants to go trick or treating with me? I need a Scarce to go with my Scarce's tree costume :))
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  8. GOD DAMN IT I'M GONNA MISS THE FREAKING EVENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. I wish I could join the fun
  10. [​IMG]
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  12. me too man
  13. I mean I am banned till i can apply to be unbanned next month cuz i got an unfair ban
  14. i'm banned too Sandman told me to appeal till 23 november
  15. *derrick and Tyrell go trick or treating in the forest
    Derrick says: can you hear that?
    Tyrell says: hear what
    "Yo what's up guys, it's scarce here"
    Tyrell and Derrick says: AGHHHHHHH
  16. Halloween just another excuse throughout the year to get nutted
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