Happy Easter

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    'With a tip
    and a tap,
    Easter Eggs have been planted around the map!

    Gather your friends,
    to look for the hens,
    and see if you can collect more than ten!

    If you win,
    you'll have a big grin,
    and know the true meaning of Easter within!'

    Happy Easter everyone! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not I hope you can join us for our SA:MP festivities throughout the Easter Weekend (14th - 16th). We'll be hosting special events in-game where everyone is welcome to take part. There will be an IC event taking place on Saturday at Santa Maria Beach (20:00 server time), a poster for this can be found here: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?...around-ls-and-the-surrounding-counties.16905/

    The Easter egg hunt is back: the admin team will be planting Easter Eggs across Los Santos and the surrounding towns. If you see one of these eggs simply walk up to it and type /collectegg. Inside the eggs you will find prizes ranging from common 24/7 items, materials, drugs, weapons, money or even just garbage. The player with the most collected eggs on Sunday 21:00 server time will receive a month of Gold VIP (If you already have VIP you can either pass it onto another player or extend your VIP time by a month). The development team have taken steps to ensure players are not able to cheat, however if you do happen to find an exploit please don't ruin the fun by abusing it.

    Vehicle Auction! here are the vehicles being sold at auction over Easter:-

    VIP Auction (will be taking place in VIP section of the forums):
    Hotring Racer (B)

    In-Game free for all auction (will be taking place during the IC event on Saturday):

    We have also decided to have another VIP house auction. We will be auctioning off house ID 1 (Madd Dogg's Mansion) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3.

    Player Mayor: I thought I would take this opportunity to announce that we will be starting up the player mayor elections again shortly. If you would like to participate then now is the time to create a character fit for the job. You will not be allowed to run on characters with active crimes this time around. More IC information will be coming on this shortly. For more information on what being mayor is all about visit this thread: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/ooc-outline-to-the-player-mayor.4559/ and of course the government forum section: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?forums/los-santos-government.310/

    The admin team hope you all have a lovely weekend.
  2. what book did you rob this from??
  3. It's a Risen original and it took my dumbass a lot longer to write than it probably should have.
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  4. as a gift to the server can i be unbanned

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  5. [​IMG]

    anyway thanks for the good news about DECREASING THE VALUE OF MY PATRIOT
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  6. Thanks for this.
  7. Risen thanks a lot for the egghunt after 2 years!
  8. Mr. Levesque for Mayor 2017??????
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  9. eggcellent.
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  10. Can i be unbanned too? I mean it's Easter after all Risen
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  11. lol
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  12. it's not christmas no miracles here
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  13. Once again the time has come,
    where Risen shares his cringe with everyone,
    He writes a poem, or steals it from a book,
    Let's all not forget the 30k he once took.
    Christmas, Easter, April Fools or New Year,
    Risen will always be a poem reading queer!
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  14. *claps* lmao, Did make me chuckle
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  15. I will be stashing a knife in one of the eggs.

    If you find this knife, you can sell it. The only rule with this knife is you're not allowed to use it to back stab people, as it's causes lag issues. This knife will be rare as shit, as it'll be the only legit one in the game.

    Good luck.
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  16. Great poem Risen, keep it up!
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  17. That didn't rhyme...
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  18. There is too many poets in this thread.

    Happy early easter, gang.
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  19. Smoothies a goob,
    penis the size of a froob,
    American accents are icky,
    shut up, stop posting, and stop being picky.
    We get it, you run LSNN
    trying to call me out about my poem, yet you still don't have any friends

    is that better for u
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  20. daaaaaamn that did rhyme :cool:
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