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    Hello everyone!

    First of all I would like to apologize for the silence on this project. We said we would create a development blog every month or so, and we never kept our end of that deal up. This isn't for lack of trying though, we have ran into problems while trying to develop our server.

    Our developers ran into problems with Real life, Client issues and personal problems. Devs had to leave due to school/university, leaving the script untouched until recently.

    We really did get off to a great start. Here is what we currently have:
    • Vehicle controls (engine, locks, doors)
    • Registration System (CEF)
      • Character Creation (CEF)
    • Taxi
    • Fisher
      Roleplay Commands
      • /me, /do, /ame
      • /low, /whisper,/shout
    • Proximity chat
    • /b, /n, /v /a
    • Admin System(in progress)
    • Faction system(in progress)
    • Phone Sytem
    • ATM System
    That's all of the major things that has been done off the top of my head.

    It's no secret we now lack developers due to the reasons stated above. Einar has began scripting now too, he's still learning c# as he goes along. We are looking to hire people so that we can get this moving quicker. We're offering to pay people who're able to assist us in getting it moving. I mentioned on a developer application that we're looking to hire people who're interested in the community. What I meant by that is ideally we would be looking to hire people who're interested in sticking around.

    However, if an experienced developer just wants to script for us then take their payment and disappear that is okay too. Obviously as-long as they leave us with what we're paying for.

    Did we announce it too early? Yes, I agree that we did. The admins took a vote at the time and overall it seemed like everyone wanted to announce it. We can dwell on that, or we can go forward and we're choosing to go forwards.

    Kevin doesn't want to give up on this project hence why he is very keen to hire developers. So if you know someone who may be interested, please don't hesitate to introduce them to this project.
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  2. For somebody who can't and has never been interested in GTA V i gained an interest in the MTG GTA V RP server and hope to get a new PC that can actually run Gta V in the hopes of the server still being up!

    Good job lads!
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  3. God bless little eins
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  4. Moving on into the new gen games is excellent.
    Can't see already SA:MP..
  5. what?
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  6. Nice to have a update, still really interested in this project and can't wait to see how it comes out.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Thanks for your support!
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  8. Took it too hard?
    It means that SA:MP is too old from every point of view. So developing an rp server to GTA V would be awesome.
  9. SA:MP development isn't going to stop lol
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  10. lmao did I say that?
  11. Why do u cry mili
  12. Big up EinarS and everyone else.
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  13. Out of curiosity how much is the payment? I have no experience in scripting or anything but I'm just curious.
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  14. Negotiable. It all depends on how much time the developer is willing to put into developing and their experience. With our SAMP server, we would give the developers a percentage of the VIP income every month. I won't get into numbers with you, as I'm not comfortable publicly displaying that information. I can assure you though the developers were paid very generously.

    If someone was to be hired, payment is always going to be negotiable. We could pay them a flat rate for now until the server goes live, then we could start giving them a percentage of VIP per month. If someone wasn't interested in sticking around, but they were experienced. They could write us a functioning script, we would purchase said script from them. Then they could possibly take a percentage of VIP for X amount of months too. So again, I'm sorry that I'm not able to give you a straight answer. But everyone is different, so it honestly depends on the person.
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  15. mildly aroused
  16. Einar is Head Dev? I raided his base in Rust because he used his date of birth as the pin for his lock....... Timothy Sosa Millington cnr
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  17. Will this thing be out by May atleast?
  18. Can people who know Java and C++ be of any use?
  19. No idea. Can't give a time on it, sorry.

    You'll need to know c# and some Javascript.
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