Deathmatching (DM)

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    Deathmatching means killing another player without any roleplay reason or any roleplay at all.

    Here are the criteria the admin team will be using to determine if a situation is deathmatching or not:

    1.) There has to be a roleplay reason
    - A legitimate roleplay reason has to exist for what is about to follow.
    - Small/petty reasons will not be tolerated. Somebody kicked your car? figure out a way to get back at them without instantly resulting to murder.

    2.) A roleplay interaction (/me, /rp) has been done
    - Roleplay has to be initiated by both of the parties involved via IC means (talking, /me, /rp, etc.)
    - Running up and killing someone with a simple /me who wronged you earlier is not good enough, roleplay must be engaged by both parties. There should never be a situation where a player is confused as to why they were just killed.

    3.) "The time for talking is over"
    - Once the situation reaches a point where the actions of the parties involved would not change anything (guns have been drawn, punches have been thrown, etc.), the need for roleplay is over.

    If you have passed "the time for talking" stage and are engaged in a gunfight, but then the parties separate and a fair amount of time has passed (10 or 15 min), the roleplay/gunfight is deemed over. If you happen to encounter that party again, you will need to go through the three stages again.
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    Updated: Roleplay must now be initiated by both parties before you are allowed to kill. We will not be tolerating the killing of other players for small / petty reasons, an example of this, James told Peter that his mother is fat, Peter roleplays pulling out a gun and shooting James dead. There must be a clear reason why your character is willing to go to the length of murdering someone. If a player is being a minor nuisance ICly then it's not reason enough to kill them, try other means to deal with them instead.

    If a player has wronged you earlier and you catch sight of them then you are not allowed to simply run up to them, take out a weapon and kill them, instead you must engage them in roleplay. This can be done via /me, /do, /rp or by speaking to them.

    You know something has gone wrong if one player is confused as to why they have been killed.
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