Conor / Frank Lester - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Conor, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. Lucille approves
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  2. Defintely a big +1 for Conor . He's dead on and is one of the most down to earth blokes on the server. I've noticed his activity has spiked and really emphasised his passion for the server. He's doing a fantastic job as Director of The Agency and can take a situation extremely serious when needed to. He's friendly and a great guy and deserves this.
    And his ma made me get her a big mac once so he's sound for that too
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  3. I wish I could be asses to write a paragraph on how much my long time friend, conor deserves this. But i cant be.

    Sound lad. Well experienced. Knows the craic.
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  4. Great guy, sometimes. Really nice to other people, kinda. Has never done anything to offend another player, um.. Fantastic roleplayer that knows that server inside out.

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  5. +1 for dj k3nneth bl0ckage :cool::rolleyes:
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  6. +1 conor
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  7. Shit roleplayer +1
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  8. +1 very good helper brader
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  10. I reckon u can become admin n chief of police!!! Go on Con!! X

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  11. you'll do nuthin
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  12. +1
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  13. plus one
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  14. plus ONE for CONOR ! ! !
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  15. +1 if hasn't been fired from pd for dm recently.
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  16. +1
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  17. character name same name as my irl first name +1

    oh yeah and he is friendly, good for admin.
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  18. huge dick +1
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