Character Registration [ MT SAMP ]

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    Character Name: John_udamn
    Do you have any other characters or forum accounts? If so, list them: Yep [dont need to provide an ip = udamn {moderator} , Hell Gaming And RevoulutionGC [ (Don't need to provide an IP) = udamnkilledme ]
    Do you have any active warns and/or tempban levels that need to be transferred? If so, list them: NOPE
    How did you find MTG: Samp Internet List :)
    Have you read our rules: Yes , I DiD

  2. Can I get you to choose a different surname to something more realistic.
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  3. Yeah :/ Is Billy_Jones OK? If Not Tell Me Something You Want :)
  4. That name is taken, choose another one.
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  5. _MadGuy_
    Is This One Ok ? :p
  6. It has to be in the format Firstname_Lastname, so something like John_Smith or Liam_Payne
  7. Mohsin_Ibrahim
  8. Approved. Please check your forum inbox for the pin you need to access the server for the first time
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