While Moving Target Gaming values an open and free platform for discussion, as a private entity, it reserves the right to moderate the content posted. As members of Moving Target Gaming, you have the privilege to post, discuss, and enjoy the forums as well as the gaming servers. This privilege can be, and will be revoked if it is abused. Furthermore, you are not entitled, nor do you have the right, to use Moving Target Gaming as a forum for hate, inappropriate content, etc as defined by the rules. Your content and privileges can and will be removed by the administration team if it does not abide by the rules set forth.

  • Necro Bumping
    2 Warning Points

    Replying to an inactive thread which is more than 1 month old without adding valuable input to the thread.

    Commenting where you are not supposed to
    2 Warning Points

    This includes commenting on reports, unban appeals, warn appeals which you are not directly involved in. Furthermore, applications for the development team should not be commented on as community input is not needed for such applications.

    Inappropriate Content
    2 Warning Points

    Posting age restricted content which is not appropriate for all users. Depending on the severity of the post it is possible this will result in a temporary or permenant ban.

    Inappropriate Avatar or Signature
    2 Warning Points
    Restricted Access to Profile Editing

    Setting an avatar or signature which is not appropriate as defined by the inappropriate content rule. This will result in losing the ability to edit your profile.

    Inappropriate Behavior
    2 Warning Points

    This includes acting in a manner which seeks to incite negative responses, bully, harass, etc. This behavior is best described as general trolling of other players and threads.

    Content with no point
    2 Warning Points

    This includes posting on threads, status, etc content which serves no purpose other than to incite inappropriate reactions from others, troll, like-farm, etc. Furthermore, content which is not on topic to the discussion at hand falls under the umbrella of this rule.

    2 Warning Points

    This includes spamming a thread or profile page.

    Like Farming
    2 Warning Points
    Removal of Like Button
    Reset of Likes

    This involves spam liking another users posts or getting other users to spam like your own posts. The punishment depends on the nature of the offense.

    Posting Explicit Content

    This extends past the rule for inappropriate content and is specifically for posting porn or gore. The ban length depends on the severity of the offense.

    Excessive Abuse of other users
    1 Month Ban

    This includes telling other users to commit suicide as well as consistent bullying of members of the community.

    Avoiding the Block Feature
    1 Month Ban

    Any sort of circumvention of a block applied to your user by another player. This generally involves creating another account to circumvent a user blocking your primary account.

    Accessing another user's account
    Permanent Ban

    Accessing an account of another user in any form.

    Permanent Ban

    Using the forums to advertise competing services, products, etc is strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.