'With a tip
and a tap,
Easter Eggs have been planted around the map!

Gather your friends,
to look for the hens,
and see if you can collect more than ten!

If you win,
you'll have a big grin,
and know the true meaning of Easter within!'

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not I hope you can join us for our SA:MP festivities throughout the Easter Weekend (14th - 16th). We'll be hosting special events in-game where everyone is welcome to take part. There will be an IC event taking place on Saturday at Santa Maria Beach (20:00 server time), a poster for this can be found here: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?...around-ls-and-the-surrounding-counties.16905/

The Easter egg hunt is back: the admin team will be planting Easter Eggs across Los Santos and the surrounding towns. If you see one of these eggs simply walk up to it and type /collectegg. Inside the eggs you will find prizes ranging from common 24/7 items, materials, drugs, weapons, money or even just garbage. The player with the most collected eggs on Sunday 21:00 server time will receive a month of Gold VIP (If you already have VIP you can either pass it onto another player or extend your VIP time by a month). The development team have taken steps to ensure players are not able to cheat, however if you do happen to find an exploit please don't ruin the fun by abusing it.

Vehicle Auction! here are the vehicles being sold at auction over Easter:-

VIP Auction (will be taking place in VIP section of the forums):
Hotring Racer (B)

In-Game free for all auction (will be taking place during the IC event on Saturday):
I want to preface this by saying that this hasn't and will not affect the majority of players. It has recently come to our attention that a former admin is using their log access in an attempt to access player's accounts. This is done by searching through the logs for players who have used /changepass incorrectly (typed /changepass [password] instead of waiting for the dialogue box to pop-up). Here is what it looks like in the logs if you have not used /changepass correctly:


If you think you have used /changepass incorrectly at any point in the past then it's imperative that you log onto SA:MP and change your password to something else. We have already started reaching out to players who may be affected but you can never be too careful.

Here is how to correctly change your password:


I am very sorry for those who have already been affected by this. @Einar has already made sure that something like this cannot happen in the future. It's important to note that all player passwords are hashed and apart from not using /changepass correctly there is no way for admins to see player passwords.
Hello everyone!

First of all I would like to apologize for the silence on this project. We said we would create a development blog every month or so, and we never kept our end of that deal up. This isn't for lack of trying though, we have ran into problems while trying to develop our server.

Our developers ran into problems with Real life, Client issues and personal problems. Devs had to leave due to school/university, leaving the script untouched until recently.

We really did get off to a great start. Here is what we currently have:
  • Vehicle controls (engine, locks, doors)
  • Registration System (CEF)
    • Character Creation (CEF)
  • Taxi
  • Fisher
    Roleplay Commands
    • /me, /do, /ame
    • /low, /whisper,/shout
  • Proximity chat
  • /b, /n, /v /a
  • Admin System(in progress)
  • Faction system(in progress)
  • Phone Sytem
  • ATM System
That's all of the major things that has been done off the top of my head.

It's no secret we now lack developers due to the reasons stated above. Einar has began scripting now too, he's still learning c# as he goes along. We are looking to hire people so that we can get this moving quicker. We're offering to pay people who're able to assist us in getting it moving. I mentioned on a developer application that we're looking to hire people who're interested in the community. What I meant by that is ideally we would be looking to hire people who're interested in sticking around.

However, if an experienced developer just wants to script for us then take their payment and disappear that is okay too. Obviously as-long as they leave us with what we're paying for.

Did we announce it too early? Yes, I agree that we did. The admins took a vote at the time and overall it seemed like everyone wanted to announce it. We can dwell on that, or we can go forward and we're choosing to go forwards.

Kevin doesn't want to...

Hello everyone and welcome to our new project: MT-Gaming V-RP.

MTG is always looking to expand into new roleplay servers with more possibilities. We threw the idea of an ARMA 3 life server around for a while. We decided against it as we couldn't see ourselves moving on to voice roleplay.

GTA:N was brought to our attention by Chenko and a couple of other admins. We began playing with the idea of starting a roleplay server for ourselves. Chenko started right away scripting, without being asked to do so. We approached Kevin with the idea, he got right on board with it. Meaning we can now officially come out and say we're going to be opening our own roleplay server for GTA:N.

Chenko is leading the project on the development side of things. Crane and Ethan are assisting Chenko in the development of the server. Ethan & Crane are still developing SAMP, they haven't forgotten about it. They're only helping Chenko, their main focus is still SAMP so don't worry about that. The 7/8s will be leading the admin side of things. We hope to create a really unique script, so we can start off sprinting ahead of the competition. Chenko has already started on some major script features such as Custom Character Creation:

Say goodbye to the whole police department looking like twins! Now when you create a character you'll be able to fully customise your character. Just as you would in standard GTA:Online. That isn't the only thing! Now your characters are tied to your Social Club account. Meaning once you log-in with your Social Club account, you'll get a list of all your characters. Pick one, then log in. This means if you were to purchase VIP, it would be across all of your characters instead of just two like SAMP. This also means there will be little to zero ban evaders or hackers. If someone is banned,...

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.
What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
- Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Christmas is almost here! It's time for us to come together and celebrate as one big happy family. We may not all get along with each other all the time but over the Christmas season it's important for us to find common ground and rejoice.

Take part in the MTG secret santa! once in-game go to the big tree at the mall and type /secretsantadeposit - you will be able to gift money, drugs and materials. If you have been kind enough to deposit a gift, you may redeem a gift for yourself with /secretsantaredeem. Please think of others when depositing gifts, 'tis the season of giving after all.

Missed out on buying an advent calendar this year? already have one but want another one? MTG has you covered this Christmas, Crane has scripted in an advent calendar for you all, each day you will be able to redeem a special prize. To read more about the Christmas update visit the development changelog here: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/mtg-rp-v6-7-20-changelog.9089/

We have decided to bring back the player mayor once more. The OOC outline has been updated slightly. Visit this thread for a list of what the future mayor of Los Santos will be able to do: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/ooc-outline-to-the-player-mayor.4559/

Players may now begin constructing their campaigns. Here is the official section to post your campaign: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?forums/mayoral-campaigns.366/

We will be selecting up to 3 players to go onto the ballot on Saturday 17th December, at which time voting in-game will commence. Voting comes to an end on Wednesday 21st December at 19:00 GMT where the new player mayor will be announced.

Hello all.

With the new damage system, we have actors to play the dead bodies so it lays dead on the ground so you can still role-play with it. As of now, unless the player is actually alive (typing still), none of these items can be taken from the actor.

Things players can take from people during robberies:

  • Money: Players can still take money from the player they are robbing, however we are going to allow admins to step in and tell the robber that they can’t take money, if the player is under a certain hour limit. With this being said, you shouldn’t be robbing new players so don’t start arguing with an admin if they tell you not to take the money.
  • Drugs: All types of drugs will still be allowed to be taken from the player you are robbing.
  • Materials: All material types will still be allowed to be taken from the player you are robbing.
  • Ropes/Rags: Both can still be taken without any restrictions.

Things that can not be taken:

  • Phones/Walkie Talkies: Phones can tend to be very annoying when you try to remember all the numbers, and all the messages etc that the phone contains, if it was stolen from you. To fix this issue, players are no longer allowed to rob phones off each other unless there is an above average role-play reason behind taking the phone. This is the same for the Walkie Talkie.
  • Fake ID’s: Fake ID’s are used in like 90 percent of the actual role-play that is done here on MTG, therefore it can be a bad situation if you lose the ID because of getting robbed. Fake ID’s are not to be taken under any circumstances, if you want one: Get your own
  • Toolkits: Can’t be taken under any circumstances.
  • Weapons cannot be taken from dead bodies - this is too susceptible to abuse and keeps weapons in circulation for longer than they need to...

"When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
'tis near Halloween."
Happy Halloween everyone!!
This year you will be able to buy & win some rare clothing items. We have added a witch hat and devil mask to all clothing stores. These items are non-VIP items and are only purchasable over the weekend, after that they will be gone until next year. We have also brought back the maze! (/halloweenmaze) if you failed to conquer it last year you will get a second chance at it this year. If you manage to make it to the end of the maze you will be awarded with a unique pair of glasses.

Share the spirit of Halloween by placing a pumpkin on your friends head! players with pumpkins on their head can type /createpumpkins to force a pumpkin on surrounding players (relogging makes it disappear).

Trick or Treating is a big part of Halloween and we didn't think it would be right to celebrate Halloween on samp without it. Crane has scripted in trick or treating! so dress up with your friends and go door to door typing /trickortreat for some special goodies (cooldown is 20 minutes).

There will be many events in-game this weekend. We are giving away up to $100,000 in prizes and Gold VIP so make sure to stick around.

Click here to visit to the latest changelog.​
Edit: Congratulations to Deandre Darren for becoming the mayor of Los Santos

Voting for the next mayor of Los Santos has now begun! Here are the two chosen candidates:

Deandre Darren - http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?forums/deandre-darren-2016.297/
Joseph Lehmann - http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?forums/joseph-lehmann-san-andreas-liberty-party.298/

To cast your vote, head over to city hall and type /castvote (1/2) once inside. Type /listcandidates before voting to make sure you are voting for the correct candidate.

Voting will end on Sunday 23rd October at 17:00 server time.

View this thread for a list of things the player mayor will be able to do: http://www.mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/ooc-outline-to-the-player-mayor.4559/

The minimum playing hours to cast your vote is 25 hours, with this being said we are not allowing players to vote on alternative accounts. Some players have managed to create many alt accounts while others have dedicated their time to only one. The admin team feel that if we allow players to vote on alt accounts then a handful of players will control a lot more votes than everyone else.