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    Edit: Congratulations to Deandre Darren for becoming the mayor of Los Santos

    Voting for the next mayor of Los Santos has now begun! Here are the two chosen candidates:

    Deandre Darren -
    Joseph Lehmann -

    To cast your vote, head over to city hall and type /castvote (1/2) once inside. Type /listcandidates before voting to make sure you are voting for the correct candidate.

    Voting will end on Sunday 23rd October at 17:00 server time.

    View this thread for a list of things the player mayor will be able to do:

    The minimum playing hours to cast your vote is 25 hours, with this being said we are not allowing players to vote on alternative accounts. Some players have managed to create many alt accounts while others have dedicated their time to only one. The admin team feel that if we allow players to vote on alt accounts then a handful of players will control a lot more votes than everyone else.
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  2. So with this said, votes go per IP, instead of account, right?
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  3. Can you add Bill Jenkins to No. 3 please
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  4. Correct. Unless it's obvious you have someone else playing on your IP. IE Sandman and Einar sometimes play on the same IP but we know they're different people.
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  5. make mt gaming great again
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