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  1. Hawaii heck1. You made hawaii heck2 for Juuso so a similar one pls!!
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  2. What the fuck am I doing ahahahahaha
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The highlights might look weird on the render but it won't happen in-game...

    If you want me to change/upload a download link just tell me.
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  3. im out of words at the beauty of this
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  4. kurwa dziekuje
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  5. i need the download in my life, my admin duty time in that skin will be amazing now
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  6. sure thing brother let me fix it up a bit ;)
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  7. hawaii forelli
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  8. Added:
    Credits: R* & Koky
    Requested by: Eclipse
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  9. Added:
    Credits: R* & Koky
    Made for: Koky & Banks
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  10. [​IMG]

    true love​
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  11. make me a skin you fuck..
    ID 21 and no i don't know what the fuck i want, just make something dope xoxx
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  12. I'm wanting a skin babes.
    ID 106, make him have a gucci hoodie if you can? and do whatever else you want with the rest of it x
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  13. Hmu with this later Austin x proper gang skin
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  14. 2 dollors paypal for this?
  15. Nah
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  16. can you make a skin for zero to resemble dis guy ?-?
    (crocs included plox)
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  17. Added:

    im sorry everyone needs to see this
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  18. You should make a skin for the big smoke char based on that guy ^^