MTG 5th Year Anniversary

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    MTG has been mostly a SA:MP Community however over the course of the 5 years we have had different attempts at different servers. Whether you came to MTG because of the Minecraft server, the CS:GO server, the Insurgency server, or even the GMOD server. We are glad that you stuck around with us.

    Because MTG has reached once in a life time milestone, we want to give back to the player-base and answer some of your prayers. What do I mean by this? Well, what I mean is over the next few days and coming weeks we have some great ideas for the players to get involved with. However, for now lets focus on the 5th year anniversary.

    Some of the major things we have planned are as follows:
    -Throughout the day there will be different events with a total sum of money ending at $100'000. The events will range from 5'000 to 10'000.
    -Keep an eye out for status' from myself, Risen or Millington for a chance to win some VIP. The VIP we will be hunting for is: x2 Bronze VIP; x2 Silver VIP; x1 Gold VIP.
    -There will be a Paycheck boost of 25% for the day.
    -VIP will be discounted throughout the week, that's from today until Sunday. You can pick up VIP for cheaper right now!
    -6 vehicles will be auctioned off. This means 3 cars for Non-VIPs and 3 for VIP's (The Non-VIP cars will be auctioned off in-game). The cars are:
    -We are going to give away a house. This will be a very unique house and will only be available to VIP's to buy. Therefore try and win VIP today or purchase VIP and get bidding! - Pictures: HERE, HERE, HERE
    -Lastly: Our very own Mayor Donald Sanders will be getting promoted. There will be some in-game things going down about this. What does this mean? We are going to bring back Player Mayor. Check out this thread for more information.

    Lastly, the admin team would like to thank everyone who stuck with MTG during its ups and downs.. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the upcoming events and role-play that the admin team have planned.
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  2. wrong time for me to go inactive.
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  3. +1
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  4. You definitely didn't write this up curtis, this requires doing actual work something you never do..............:cool::cool::cool:
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  5. Hooray for MTG! Really good to see how resilient the community is.
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  6. Will there be a paycheck boost at all?
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  7. Of course I just bought Gold+ a couple days ago and now VIP is 25% off. Can't wait to see what prices the vehicles and the house get to. So much cool stuff happening, but it feels like a lot of it will be relegated to the rich and popular, which sucks. Oh well, Happy birthday MTG.
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  10. 5 years of no life in my room

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  11. fuck you i want more money
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  12. Wait, is the house being given away or is it for bidding?
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  13. Looking forward to the events, player mayor should be fun.
    The last two images are the same rip
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  14. whens the auction for the cars
  15. Great roleplay from the admins
  16. VIP ones are currently posted, i guess they're going to do it via the forums or in game
  17. Now, the threads are open.
  18. We are going to be handling the 3 non-vip vehicles in-game. This will likely be after or before the press conference at 20:00 server time. We will keep you posted
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