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  1. You should write novels. I've never seen anything so beautiful and out spoken :,)
  2. But hello guys scar... I mean Hattnclogs here and I am from America. I am 15, and for the past 8 months I've been on mtg and I've really only played for 4 of those months due to bad internet. I've probably spent more time trying to play this server than studying on finals...
  3. My first name Steven , I found forum from yotuber Kevin , I am try learn to talk english better so that I can roleplay. My broter helping me learn fast
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  4. idk why I haven't posted here, I'm Mitch, 20 years old, I get roasted on occasion by Joe Scott but I don't mind, he's a cutie in my eyes <3, i do testing stuff for the server and that useless dev EinarS that's bout it.
  5. Im sherry
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  6. I'm Barknaldo and oldskool gamer aka I'm old!
  7. im emmet lmao but u may know me as cuntfuck anyways banned ig dunno why lol might be a mistake who cares really anyways nice meeting all you sickcucks private message me for a hookup. and yes i actually am a male lmao x
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  8. e: oops didn't realise i already posted!
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  9. big dick brian nice to meet u
    e: oops im below average
  10. I'm Matt. I'm 18, I played here a few years ago but I was banned for several reasons, I applied last week and I'm finally unbanned :D