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    Here is a list of punishable offences on the forums. If you receive 10 warning points then your account is banned for a month. Warning points are automatically removed after one month.

    - Necro-Bumping
    Replying to an inactive thread which is more than 1 month old
    2 Warning Points​

    - Commenting where you are not suppose to
    Commenting on reports you are not involved in, unban appeals, warn appeals and developer applications
    2 Warning Points​

    - Inappropriate Content
    Posting age restricted content which is not appropriate for all users
    2 Warning Points​

    - Inappropriate Avatar / Signature
    Avatar / Signature which is not appropriate for a gaming community. Stolen avatars / signatures
    2 Warning Points and restricted access to setting avatars / signatures​

    - Content with no point
    Irrelevant posting / Not on topic to the discussion
    2 Warning Points​

    - Spam
    Spamming a thread / profile page
    2 Warning Points​

    - Like Farming
    Spam liking other users posts / getting other users to spam like your own posts
    2 Warning Points, removal of the like button and like count set to 0​

    - Posting Explicit Content
    Posting porn / gore
    Ban (length depends on severity of post)​

    - Excessively abusive to users
    Telling other players to kill themselves / bullying members of the community
    1 Month Ban​

    - Avoiding the block feature
    Creating another account to message a player who blocked you
    1 Month Ban​

    - Accessing other users accounts
    Accessing an account which is not your own
    Permanent Ban​

    - Advertising
    Using the forums to advertise competing services
    Permanent Ban​
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.