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Edilio Temple/Sunglass - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Sunglass, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Mature, active, good leader. Recommended.
  2. accept my boy here, he is the whole package.
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  3. A very good officer, active a lot. Helps everyone out in the /n and overall very helpfull man
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  4. +1 For the main man!
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  5. Honestly don't know how I didn't +1 this already he is active and does a lot for the PD +1 :)
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  6. +1 If you don't get hired I don't know who will!
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  7. +1
    Hope you get accepted :p
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  8. +1
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  9. I would like to revise my statement about Sunglass as I believe I have gotten to know Sunglass much better at this point.

    I've been in the LSPD for quite some time now. I've seen Sunglass be strict, helpful and forgiving towards others in good and bad situations. In many ways, Sunglass acts as a moderator for the LSPD. It is my absolute opinion that Sunglass and several others are setting an example not only for the LSPD but for the server as a whole. Sunglass was recently accepted as a tester, and not only is he working hard for the test team but he is also constantly answering /n. On top of all that, Sunglass is going above and beyond his duties in the LSPD, I believe he is doing his absolute best to ensure everyone has a good experience in and with the faction.
    Sunglass is not a person who is quick to judge or eager to punish and has displayed a level of patience that I personally am I amazed by.

    Still, going to have to be a very large +1 from me.
  10. oh yeah baby ding dong +1
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  11. +1 to this fella. Seem's to be a very mature and respected player in the MTG Community. I wish him all the best with his Moderator endeavors. Good luck mate.
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  12. +1 amazing leader would make an amazing mod.
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  13. [​IMG]Dear Edilio Temple,

    The command staff of Muutown Sheriff Department have reviewed your application and decided
    ACCEPT your application to join the Muutown Sheriff Department. Please wait inside the Muutown Sheriff Department Headquarters to begin the next stage in the recruitment process which is the interview.

    The greatest,
    Chief of Muutown Sheriff Department Brett Shaw
    Command Staff
    Muutown Sheriff Department
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  14. only 1 of a few people who actually have hands in the PD +1
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  15. From my experience with Sunglasses on the forums he seems to be a nice fella also with the fact that he is willing to admit when something is wrong and listens to others to attempt to fix the problem.
    You have my full support and I'd recommend you to become a mod.
  16. +1 mang Sniper gang or dont bang
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  17. I believe he'd be a great moderator and a good addition to the team.
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