Changing the way Robberies are done

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    Hello all.

    With the new damage system, we have actors to play the dead bodies so it lays dead on the ground so you can still role-play with it. As of now, unless the player is actually alive (typing still), none of these items can be taken from the actor.

    Things players can take from people during robberies:

    • Money: Players can still take money from the player they are robbing, however we are going to allow admins to step in and tell the robber that they can’t take money, if the player is under a certain hour limit. With this being said, you shouldn’t be robbing new players so don’t start arguing with an admin if they tell you not to take the money.
    • Drugs: All types of drugs will still be allowed to be taken from the player you are robbing.
    • Materials: All material types will still be allowed to be taken from the player you are robbing.
    • Ropes/Rags: Both can still be taken without any restrictions.

    Things that can not be taken:

    • Phones/Walkie Talkies: Phones can tend to be very annoying when you try to remember all the numbers, and all the messages etc that the phone contains, if it was stolen from you. To fix this issue, players are no longer allowed to rob phones off each other unless there is an above average role-play reason behind taking the phone. This is the same for the Walkie Talkie.
    • Fake ID’s: Fake ID’s are used in like 90 percent of the actual role-play that is done here on MTG, therefore it can be a bad situation if you lose the ID because of getting robbed. Fake ID’s are not to be taken under any circumstances, if you want one: Get your own
    • Toolkits: Can’t be taken under any circumstances.
    • Weapons cannot be taken from dead bodies - this is too susceptible to abuse and keeps weapons in circulation for longer than they need to be.
    • Loyalty toys.
    With the damage systems actors, if someone is role-playing with the dead body: Wait until they finish before /respawn’ing - Ask them in /b if its good for you to re-spawn, or else just wait until they drive off/do whatever they are doing.

    TL : DR - Robberies have changed, can’t rob phones, walkies, fake ids, toolkits. Money is limited depending on playing hours. Don’t /respawn unless the player role-playing with you is finished. Can’t rob Actors, once the player /respawn’s the role-play ends.
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  2. People can't be assholes and take your phones?

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  4. I like this.
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  5. So during a shootout you have to wait the entire time? That's a piss take.
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  7. Not entirely, no.
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  8. *money ???
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  9. Why do LSNN have weapons? Be some laugh seeing you're one on Sky News giving the weather at 6 o clock holding a Combat Shotgun over her shoulder.
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  10. As someone RPing taxi driver that is robbed every five minutes, this is actually wonderful!!
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  11. How will an admin know a new player is being robbed. New players won't think to /re.
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  12. Cameras.
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  13. im confused, you have to wait to rob a dead body? or you have to wait to rob a live player?

    **never mind i didnt read it properly
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  14. So you can't kill after a robbery but you can rob after killing?
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  15. What I thought before clicking and reading the announcement : oh no, now we can't rob players under 50 fucking hours or we needing admin permission to rob some one or even not being able to rob for over 500 dollars.

    After reading : Yes, no more cunts?

    MT:G ADMINS have done their jobs, and now we get victory.
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  16. nice one curtis :):mad::cool::D:oops::eek::p:cool::cool::mad::(:confused::oops::rolleyes:o_Oo_O:oops::D:p:confused::mad:;):(:confused::p:D:oops:o_Oo_O:rolleyes::oops::D:p:confused::mad::(:(:confused::p:eek::oops:o_Oo_Oo_O:oops::eek::D:p:cool::cool::p:eek::oops::rolleyes::oops::D:cool::cool:;):);):(;);):(:eek::oops::oops::p:D:oops::D:D
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  17. How long am i gonna have to wait? the 30 seconds is already annoying as it is. A lot of shootouts last a fair bit.
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  18. So we are able to rob from dead bodies now? Im a bit slow here.
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  19. not sure, if its a weapon you can take it as long as he died in his hands, and you can'r give it back to them
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  20. No. You can't, you can frisk them for whatever reason you want. You can take their weapons if they have it in hand.
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