Arkan Saber crip rp

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  1. Nice screens dude, might join you!
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  2. Yes you can if you want its not really a gang but if i get a few members we may start a gang and we might have a lot of rp with the east side crips or bloods.
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  3. Good luck - Good RP. :)
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  4. You've clearly failed to leave out the moment DeShawn Parker killed you and we hung your body on a streetlight lol
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  5. Murder
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  6. Then this happend.

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  7. I didnt get a screenshot of you killing me i was having a shootout no time to take screenshot
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  8. lol yea
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  9. Vinny Valentino and Jim Nelson. We want to join mate :)
  10. jacko333 has spoken
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  11. we got 3 members want to join we need about 4-5 more and i will start the organasation.
  12. Sure man
  13. Gang join on Samuel Banks
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  14. Arkan Saber getting arrested.
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  15. Never trust evre girl you see.
    And never juge someone because they looks.
  16. Arkan's been arrested, but still be crippin' all day.
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