Welcome to the new forums!

It may look a bit different as we have a different, more modern theme. Give it a chance the next couple of days to get used to it, well it's your only option really as at the moment we have no other theme. I'll work towards trying to restore our old one but it will be very difficult.

Other than style, the problem is we have lost all the threads. We have reinstated a lot of admin-related threads, the PD ones(thanks to the PD guys for spending the past days going at it) and that's about it. I know it's hard to lose 4 years worth of memories and even the work you put in with the roleplay you were doing and had threads on the forums for it, but I'm hopeful that if everyone works together we can restore the forums we once had and build new memories.

Users have lost their likes and everything - I understand this will upset a lot of people, but I beg of you to look past the whole community status that comes with likes(which by the way is none but to each their own) and be understanding and just participate on this new chapter.

Over the next few weeks we'll work to restore every admin thread with proper information in them(as some are yet to be completed).

We have spent a lot of time working these past few days to be able to bring back the forums and are very happy with the outcome, so I hope you leave your feedback in what can be improved or if you notice any bug, report it on the forum bugs section.

Let's be respectful as a community and not steal anyones names, if you're caught stealing someones name to impersonate or be funny you will find yourself banned from our forums and the account will be restored to its owner.

ALSO READ THIS VERY IMPORTANT@: For VIPs we will be setting a thread up where you can request your VIP usergroup on the forums. This might take a while to do so please be patient.

I want to thank the admin team for the work done on...
On 23/08/2016 we suffered a breach on our website, which rendered our whole database useless. We tried all day to work on solutions but due to how MySQL works with XenForo, such wasn't possible. All the partial backups we had also didn't work, so we have had to do a fresh install of XenForo.

During the breach, the hacker managed to access our MySQL Database. While it's very unlikely anyones password will be leaked because of this as XenForo uses encrypted passwords and is very hard to crack, I'd advise anyone to change theirs if they were the same ones that they used on our forums.

Over the course of the next week we'll be working on rebuilding our Forums, so user registration will be off. We will keep everyone updated and will definitely open up registrations as soon as possible.

The Admin Team apologizes for any damage done to any users, it was something unexpected and out of our power. I know it'll be hard as we have lost all our threads but I hope everyone understands and sticks with us as we're sticking with MTG and redoing everything.

Thank you.