1. MTG:RP is now running on SAMP 0.3.7. Please download it from http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php.

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I'm going to start off by saying that this sort of thing will not happen every time somebody gets banned as it's usually unnecessary. But since there are a number of questions floating around, not to mention misinformation, some transparency should hopefully put this to rest.

Some of you may recall an AMA-style discussion that Trippy had in TS a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards he summarized the topics that were brought up and this was one of them.

Both before and after this session in TS, the admin teams have been talking and trying to figure a way to deal with the growing toxicity on the forums. Sometimes you have to remove people from the community in order to best serve the community. Some members were informed that they were on their last chance and that any further negative/toxic behavior would result in permabans. That's how people like brett_shaw and SpasmedMonkey got shown the door.

A couple of days ago the admin team started discussing what to do with a group of players that, while they had been positive and supportive members in the past, were currently contributing nothing but toxicity and negativity and it was having a very visible effect on players around them. The idea was to give them the same final warning and then let them determine their own destiny.

However, that all changed when it was discovered that these players had stolen personal pictures of a community member and were modifying them in disgusting ways and spreading them around for cheap laughs. Typically that sort of behavior carries a...
Hello folks! Just a few updates regarding rules in various parts of MTG.

- In an effort to consolidate all of the rules governing SAMP in one place, as well as update some rules and give examples, we have created this new forum: http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?forums/mtg-rp-rules.499/. Feel free to take a look through the rules, if you have any feedback (constructive feedback only, please), you can leave a comment on this thread and the admin team will look into it.
- To make the rules as obvious as possible, the rules forum is the first in the list in the SAMP section of the forums, it can be reached from the Forum and Server Rules section that is located even higher on the forum list, and all new forum accounts will be sent a PM upon creation that has a link to the new rules forum.

MTG in general
- The admin team has been listening to feedback we've received about offensive language and warnings and then discussing that feedback in private. After some deliberation, we've come up with the following MTG language policy: http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/offensive-language-policy.104627/. Again, if you have any constructive feedback regarding the policy, please leave it in this thread.
- As with the SAMP rules, the language policy has been placed in a very visible area and will be linked to all new forum accounts upon their creation.
- The admin team would really, really hate to see the community take this new development and immediately see just how far they can push the boundaries before action is taken. Let's be a little more mature than that, yeah?

Thanks everybody!
Today the SAMP admin team packed their suitcases, turned off the lights in the Admin Satellite o' Love, and went on spring break for a week. Unfortunately our gold-plated cruise ship ran into the Tardis and we returned only a couple hours after we left. Whoops.

Why did we do it? If I can set aside the joking tone of this post for just a second, it's because we're tired. The last two or three weeks have been ridiculous with all of the drama, all of the uproars, all of the outrage over trivial and routine actions. The admin team has been beaten up, both on the forums and in-game, for no reason and we got burnt out. It has been a struggle to keep admin online, to keep admin doing things, for a while now and I don't blame them. So in an attempt to give them a mental sanity break, I told them to take the week off. This wasn't a strike, this wasn't an attempt to prove a point (though some people seemed determined to make certain anyways), this was us desperately trying to catch a break.

What happened? In short, a shit show. Some people took this as an opportunity to break every rule they could think of, to push every boundary possible, and to just act stupid in general. I think the admin team took a break for maybe two hours and the onslaught of idiocy was, well, shocking.

Believe it or not, the admin team is human, they have feelings and emotions, they are real people at the other end of the internet tubes. The admin team is expected to have a thick skin, it comes with the job, but there are limits to what that thick skin can (and should) withstand and the admin team as a whole is pretty much red-lined right now. I know that not every decision we make is popular but it wouldn't kill you to cut us a little slack. If you disagree with something, there's right ways and wrong ways to do that and too often the wrong way has been used.

Clearly there are some opinions on various rules, the admin team is well aware of that. There have been multiple discussions...
SA:MP House bug
Update: Please see this thread.

There is currently a bug where house info is not being saved between server restarts. We've identified a fix but to implement it - we need to restart the server.

To make sure everybody is aware of the situation and to take preventative steps, we're going to do the update on Friday April 10th sometime in the North American evening. As we get closer to that date, make sure to take screenshots of what is in your house before you log off. Once the fix is implemented, the admin team will assist in getting your house inventory set back to what it was.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
All Easter events are cancelled due to widespread player cheating. The Gold VIP prize that was hidden has been taken away. There will be no prize given out for finding the most eggs. Events and game giveaways are done.

To the admin and dev teams: thank you for investing time and effort into trying to make something fun and special for the playerbase.
To the players who donated games: thank you for being so generous with your money and for thinking of the community instead of yourself.

All right, boys and girls, gather round to hear about the festivities taking place tomorrow for Easter!

At 11 AM GMT+1 the server will be locked and the admin team will place Easter eggs all around the server. Once the server is unlocked, start your search! Eggs can be collected with the /collectegg command. The person who collects the most eggs will win Gold VIP!

Once the egg hunt is done, there will be events with games given away as prizes. Additionally, at some point during the day (not saying when), a Gold VIP prize will be hidden somewhere. First person to find it wins!
One of the features of the MTG:RP Spring Update is the conversation of house storage from the old system (five weapon slots, unlimited everything else) to the storage slot system we use for vehicle storage. The admin team has been debating how many storage slots each house should get based on their size. After some time getting nowhere, and reaching a critical decision point, we decided to ask the community for its input.

Here is the current idea: a house that is worth $250,000 (our cheapest house) gets 25 storage slots, a house that is worth $300,000 gets 30 storage slots, a house that is worth $320,000 gets 32 storage slots, and so on. The conversation from price to storage slot should be pretty evident.

To refresh your memory on what one storage slot can hold, and how much each vehicle can hold, please look at either this chart or this chart. (Thanks Quartz)

First problem:
- The cheapest house is $250,000 which would give it 25 storage slots. You can also get 25 storage slots by purchasing a Mule which his $90,000 at a dealership. Clearly there is an issue here where vehicle storage is devaluing house storage, an issue we didn't use to have because previously vehicles had three storage slots and houses had five storage slots.
- The proposed solution is to lower the number of storage slots in a Mule to somewhere between 18 and 20.

Second problem:
- The progression of storage slots based on house price can't possibly scale linearly because the most expensive house on the server is $15,000,000 which would give you 1500 storage slots - that's the equivalent of 45,000 grams of drugs or 1200 colts or 500 M4s. That's just a little absurd.
- The proposed solution is to hard cap the number of storage slots that any house can get at 200 or 250.
- IMPORTANT: There are some players...
You've probably noticed that the layout of the forum portal looks different now as well as the forum list. That's because we now have more control over what we can and can't display! Hurray!

If you've got suggestions on how the layout could be altered, we'd love to hear them. We're using the latest version of XenPorta (same add-on we used previously), so take a look at the widgets that are available and leave your thoughts below.

Edit: All layout choices will be made based on the main forum theme, not the Blackend theme.
April is fast approaching and with it the first major MTG:RP update for 2015. As you may or may not be aware, the admin and dev teams made a decision that MTG:RP updates (aside from bugfixes, mapping and changes that absolutely need to be made right now) will happen on a quarterly basis. The feeling was that, previously, updates had sort of lost their "WOW!" factor with the community because there was no rhyme or reason to when they would happen and they happened quite frequently and were smaller in size.

At any rate, to celebrate the first major release of the year, the admin and dev team will be having an AUA event in TS on March 28th around 4 PM. The AUA TS event we had for MTG's third anniversary was a lot of fun and we hope this one will be just as fun (but omg not as long). If you're not sure when that is, you can click this handy link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclo...+April+Update+AUA&iso=20150328T17&p1=179&ah=2

We'll be posting the changelog ahead of time so you can see what the update will involve and you can ask questions about it at that time. You can also ask whatever question you've always wanted to ask the admin and dev teams like favorite colors or craziest prison riots or whatever. All we ask is that we keep the event fun and lighthearted; if you have a particular gripe or concern or problem, a very public event like this may not be the most appropriate place. Let's have fun, people!!
There's been a trend lately of people saying incredibly offensive things like, "That's aids" or "This shootout is going to give me ebola" and similar crap. Well, it stops now. Use that sort of thing on the forums or in OOC means in-game (/v, /b, etc.) and you will receive the standard warning for inappropriate language.
Server is back up.

Please read this:http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/server-host-status.65917/page-3#post-957154

Since the maintenance window will be from 2 AM to 7 AM my time and I have to do these silly little things called sleep and go to work, the server will be shutdown around 10 or 11 PM GMT -5 and will be back up whenever I have time to do so.