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Hello friends!

The admin team have decided to bring back San Andreas Media and relaunch it under the new name Los Santos News Network. For those of you who don't remember, when San Andreas Media was in it's prime the IC content it provided the server with was incredible.

What will Los Santos News Network do?

The main focus of Los Santos News is to provide you with useful IC information to use while roleplaying. This should hopefully make the server feel more alive as it will allow players to track where current IC events are going on.

Los Santos News will add more IC dialogue and should hopefully spark some interesting roleplay; an example of this would be if Los Santos News wrote an article about Bloods having a peaceful meeting with Grove Street. A peace treaty perhaps? an alliance of some sort? what will the LSPD make of this? should Ballas be worried?

How will Los Santos News Network work?

Los Santos News Network will be a public service faction this time around and will be entirely government funded. This means that players in the faction will receive an hourly paycheck similar to the LSPD.

We want Los Santos News to focus on newsworthy stories and articles so there will be no need for weather broadcasts and player interviews in game. This got a little out of hand the last time the faction was around so we will be removing this feature for now. We are trusting this faction with /news, a server wide IC broadcast which will alert players to on going IC events as long as the faction finds out about it ICly.

Who will be leading Los Santos News Network?

We have decided to give this faction to Joe Scott. Joe has a degree in creative writing and has written articles for magazines in the past. We feel with his experience and knowledge he could provide the server with a faction we can all be proud of.

Here are the Los Santos News Network forums:...
I'll keep this short and to the point: I'm quitting.

No more admin, no more dev, no more server admin. I'm too busy with my real life, mostly my job, to continue handling these responsibilities the way they deserve and require to be handled. On top of that, I'm just tired - tired of dealing with the bullshit, tired of putting out fires, tired of being "on call" 24/7.

My last official day is July 31st and during that time I'll be trying to transition my various duties and responsibilities to other people. There may be some bumps along the road so I ask everybody to be patient during this time.

Thanks and shout-outs to everybody who was awesome.

A huge shift in how Rust is played is being released today. Blueprints are gone along with the pain of searching for that one specific blueprint you want/need or grinding up blueprint fragments. In place of it is the new XP system. I would encourage everybody to watch this video for more information.

Not only does the XP system sound really cool, the updated crafting UI looks fantastic. It will also be interesting to see how the group/community dynamic changes due to shared XP, it certainly opens the door for people to offer low level tools and food and such to new players and then benefit from that assistance.

One small change that is being made to our server specifically is that sleeping players will be protected from animal attacks. That's simply not fun.

The update to the server that includes the XP system will take place in the next few hours, it really depends on when Facepunch releases the update and how soon our plugin framework will be updated to match. Keep an eye on status updates from either myself or Millington in that regard.

In sadder news, MTG CS:GO is no more. When we split it off onto its own server, thereby incurring costs, there was an expectation that along the way it would become self-sufficient. Sadly that didn't happen and the amount of time involved in that not happening was becoming longer and longer until a final decision had to be made.

All of the CS:GO threads were moved here including the trading forum. Thank you to everybody who played on our server.
Hello everybody!

Just a quick announcement to say that for the month of July we will be holding a summer discount on all SAMP VIP packages and character changes. When you're purchasing an account upgrade, just put in the code "MTG25" and 25% will automatically be taken off one of the five SAMP packages. Please note that this also works if you're gifting an upgrade to another player.

Thanks and have a great summer!
Recently the admin team has been seeing an increase in kidnappings in safezones as a way to circumvent our current safezone system (1, 2). After some debate within the admin team, we've decided to put a stop to this and introduce a rule to prevent it. To further explain it here's a few examples of when it is and isn't allowed to be done.

This is fine:
Rival gang member killed a member of your gang and is now hanging around the marina a lot, leaving you with little options to kidnap him elsewhere. We would suggest you keep tabs on him for a while, however, as kidnapping him away from the marina will always result in less confusion and reports.

This isn't fine:
You need some money and this is how you intend to get it.
Someone bumped your car previously, causing little to no damage.

I'm sure you see where this is going. You must have a strong roleplay reason to be kidnapping in safe zones. If you're unsure if your reason is valid or have a question, feel free to ask an admin.
Hello and greetings and salutations to you all!

MTG is very proud to announce the official launch of our very own Rust server! Yup, that's right, we're going to take a stab at launching another server and see how it goes. Rust feels like it will have a greater longevity that another server attempts due to the scheduled resets that part of its nature - more on that later.

First off: what is Rust? Rust is kind of a weird mix of Minecraft and DayZ - you have the resource gathering and crafting and building of Minecraft combined with the survival and PVP aspects of DayZ. If you want to learn more about it, I'd suggest reading this and watching this. I don't think it can be stressed enough that this game is an in-development alpha: occasionally things will break and sometimes the plugins don't always work; having said that, the game developer updates every week and the plugin community is very active.

So who's running this place? I've chosen Millington to lead and Joe Scott is his right hand man. So far they've done a fantastic job on the Rust server while we were putting it together. They will be your primary points of contact for all things Rust while I'll be doing the usual behind the scenes sort of thing.

Part of what makes Rust so interesting is the fact that the map can be, and will be, wiped on a regular basis - loot disappears, buildings disappear and the map itself changes. This helps keep things fresh and prevents players from becoming too dominant and stifling the server. We're going to operate our Rust server on a bi-monthly (every two weeks) wipe schedule - the first and third Thursday of the month. We will also be wiping the blueprints that everybody has learned on the first Thursday of the month. The next wipe will be this coming Thursday, two days from now, so now is as good a time as any to hop on the server and experiment....
Hello everybody! (Hi Doctor Nick)

Torque and myself have been looking at ways to improve the performance of MTG CS:GO and we ended up getting it its own server. Still located in New York City but now running all on its own, it should be much more responsive and suffer fewer lag spikes. Huzzah!

Moving to its own server, however, means there are additional costs involved. While these costs are not huge, they do need to be addressed. With that in mind, Torque is working on implementing a VIP system as well as a shop program. As you may have noticed, the surf server is running a shop program which will soon be used in tandem with a new VIP system. VIPs will receive reserved slots, exclusive perks in the shop, and more features to be announced in the future. We hope to have the VIP system up and running in a few weeks and are excited to showcase some of its features.
Good evening everybody!

As you can see, the 6.7.0 update has now gone live. It features a lot of updates and is also the start of more frequent updates that we previously mentioned here.

Additionally, we're also adding in two new system: player creation and a refund policy:

Player creation can no longer be done by anybody and everybody simply by connecting, instead a small (very small) application will need to be filled out. Once the application is approved, you'll be sent a PIN and you'll be able to create your character as previously able. The admin team feels that this will help avoid an influx of hackers and other jerks constantly creating characters to cause problems for us down the road. We've created the address http://register.mt-gaming.com as an easy shortcut.

The refund policy is pretty simple as well. If you've lost something, say a gun or some money, due to circumstances completely out of everybody's control (most of the time, this will be hackers), there is now a way to request those items back. Please note that the requirements are fairly rigorous because the admin team isn't going to spend all, or even most, of its time on this sort of thing.
Good morning / afternoon MTG!

Welcome back to the normal forums after a bit of fun and laughter for April Fools, it seems like the community enjoyed this years prank. The admin team had a good time planning it and, again, props to UncleSam for creating the images. If you missed the prank, it can still be viewed at http://secrethideout.mt-gaming.com.

There's been a lot of talk lately about the state of the community, mostly about the playerbase numbers for the SAMP server. The fact of the matter is that the numbers are much lower than the admin team would like them to be and we've been discussing it amongst ourselves just as much as the community has. The low player count and the overwhelming negativity on the forums lately surrounding that topic has greatly impacted the admin team, leaving us feeling very unmotivated.

After some floundering and navel-gazing and emoness, the admin team picked themselves up by their bootstraps and committed themselves to making a big, strong push to boost the numbers up again. Here's a couple ideas of how we're going to do that:
- Paychecks are going to be increased dramatically with the next update to give players more freedom with their time and their spending
- Updates are going to happen more frequently with the goal of doing it every week, even if it's just mapping
- A big IC event will be happening within the next couple of months
- The admin team is going to be holding events every weekend and not just for VIP players
- Small/medium/large roleplay opportunities will be developed by the admin team that the playerbase can join in on should they want to
- The admin and dev teams will be experimenting with ways to update/change how the SAMP works in general. These experiments may come and go in the span of a few hours or they may stick around for a few days. Please bear with us while these experiments take place.

There will be an update this weekend that incorporates some of the points I...
The MTG CS:GO server will be relaunched this Sunday with a surf gamemode installed. The server will unlock March 6th at 8:00 PM GMT +0 and will be ready for all the surfers it can hold. The server keeps tracks of record times for each map so be sure to try and set one. If you're unsure of how to surf in CS:GO, check out this tutorial or just ask for help. We hope to see you there!

Thank You to Harry Doon for help with the leaflet!