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by Rickles at 1:19 PM
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Good afternoon everybody! Just a quick announcement here regarding spaces/areas where players will be considered protected from robbery.

Previously our rule of thumb was that robbing players in public places was ICly a dumb thing to do, because in real life nobody in their right mind would rob another person in front of a police station, but it was allowed. After listening to player feedback and some discussion amongst the admin team, we're going to modify/expand upon that rule.

Any job...
by Rickles at 5:21 PM
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Good afternoon everybody!

I'm going to be making a number of enhancements on the forums and I figured a post would be easier to track than statuses all over the place. Some will be completely behind-the-scenes, some will be for staff only, and some will be for everybody. I'll list all the changes that apply to everybody here and I look forward to your feedback.

So far:
- Thread events. Ever had problems...
by Rickles at 5:53 PM
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Just over a week ago, some former MTG players decided that somebody in our community was no longer allowed the right to privacy. They dug up the legal name, birth name, address, phone number and email address of this community member as well as pictures of their home and details about past relationships; this information was posted to various parts of the internet like YouTube and 4chan and was also used to mock and impersonate the person on social media.

Some of you may be wondering which...
by Rickles at 5:26 AM
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I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday! I only got coal for Christmas, no clue what that's all about.

Insurgency fever hit MTG hard and pulled a lot of people into it. Unfortunately it seems to have been a short-lived fascination and so with much sadness I must announce that the regular server and the co-op server have been closed. They may return in the future for special one-off events.

I would like to thank Conor for stepping up and being a wonderful administrator,...
by Rickles at 6:00 AM
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Cheers to Earl and everybody who helped out.
by Rickles at 7:32 PM
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Good afternoon / evening everybody!

Over the last little while the admin team has been talking about official gangs, which private organizations showed promise, where we wanted official gangs to go in the future, and so on. Today a number of groups were made into official gangs and there were many cheers heard all around the forums.

To restate what has been said in a few places at a few different times, official gangs are going to be a bit of a guinea pig over the next little while. We've...
by Rickles at 1:05 PM
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MTG continues to expand it's family of game servers by introducing MTG CS:GO! We're starting off with a 16 player 128 tick rate server with WarMod assisting in competitive matches and we'll see where we go from there. JimboDerphus will be transitioning from mod of the CS subforum to admin of MTG's Counter-Strike offerings.

Feel free to take a peek at the new CS forums...