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by Rickles_J_Westingham at 2:51 AM
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Good morning / afternoon folks! Today we're proud to announce some updates to our Insurgency offerings.

First off, the number of slots on the server has been boosted from sixteen to thirty-two. Bring more friends and have more fun! Eight of those slots, however, will be reserved slots. What are those? Well, if you purchase Insurgency VIP, those are slots you'll have access to if the server is full. Details on how that's going to work (hard cap, kick a non-VIP, etc.) are still being decided...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 5:01 PM
(1,691 Views / 23 Likes)
As many of you are probably aware, the forums are looking a little festive these days! Conor volunteered to dress the place up a bit and I'm very thankful to him for it.

- On all three themes, the MTG logo has been giving a Christmas-y candy cane feel.
- The base theme, MTG v2.0.1, now has a very festive header.
- We have a third theme now! Feel free to check out MTG v.2.0.1 - Insurgency.

How do you change themes? Go the bottom left corner of the forums and click on the...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 7:03 PM
(520 Views / 22 Likes)
In case you missed it... there is now an MTG Insurgency server! Conor was kind enough to accept mod duties for it and he's pretty much running the show over there. Take a look!
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 2:13 PM
(3,213 Views / 102 Likes)
Good morning / afternoon / evening!!

In the past it's been requested that the admin and dev teams be more forthcoming about future updates; in the past we've pushed back against this because history has shown us that any discussion about upcoming plans usually gets turned into "promises" that are then held against us if those plans change or don't appear. Hopefully we can all move past that this time around because the better this goes, the more often it will happen.

I'll be the first to...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 6:32 PM
(1,807 Views / 45 Likes)
As many of you are probably aware, we made Clarke and Costa rank 7 admin / lead admin today. This decision was made because the 8s have a pretty full plate of responsibilities and were interested in shedding some of them to people who we feel are responsible and trustworthy. The 7s and 8s will be working hand in hand to take care of the admin team and the server in general.

Congrats to them!!!
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 1:45 PM
(3,265 Views / 85 Likes)
The admin team has long been resistant to making a rule about killing after robberies because, while the vast majority of the killings that take place are ridiculously lazy roleplay, those killings were still roleplay and we did not want to limit that. However, the point was made that by allowing a player to lazily end all chances of future roleplay with a bullet to the head after stealing a couple of bucks, we were already restricting roleplay and we were assisting the lazy end of the...
by Rickles_J_Westingham at 1:21 PM
(1,993 Views / 12 Likes)
Good <insert your time of day here>, folks! Just a couple of quick rule updates so please pay close attention.

1.) Post disclaimers, where a player posts a link to something that would typically be against the rules but puts a disclaimer before the link, are not allowed. Trying to circumvent the rules like this will result in the same punishment you would have received if there were no disclaimer.

2. Abuse of VIP perks, where a VIP player and a non-VIP player arrange to have a non-VIP house /...