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You've probably noticed that the layout of the forum portal looks different now as well as the forum list. That's because we now have more control over what we can and can't display! Hurray!

If you've got suggestions on how the layout could be altered, we'd love to hear them. We're using the latest version of XenPorta (same add-on we used previously), so take a look at the widgets that are available and leave your thoughts below.

Edit: All layout choices will be made based on the main forum theme, not the Blackend theme.
April is fast approaching and with it the first major MTG:RP update for 2015. As you may or may not be aware, the admin and dev teams made a decision that MTG:RP updates (aside from bugfixes, mapping and changes that absolutely need to be made right now) will happen on a quarterly basis. The feeling was that, previously, updates had sort of lost their "WOW!" factor with the community because there was no rhyme or reason to when they would happen and they happened quite frequently and were smaller in size.

At any rate, to celebrate the first major release of the year, the admin and dev team will be having an AUA event in TS on March 28th around 4 PM. The AUA TS event we had for MTG's third anniversary was a lot of fun and we hope this one will be just as fun (but omg not as long). If you're not sure when that is, you can click this handy link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclo...+April+Update+AUA&iso=20150328T17&p1=179&ah=2

We'll be posting the changelog ahead of time so you can see what the update will involve and you can ask questions about it at that time. You can also ask whatever question you've always wanted to ask the admin and dev teams like favorite colors or craziest prison riots or whatever. All we ask is that we keep the event fun and lighthearted; if you have a particular gripe or concern or problem, a very public event like this may not be the most appropriate place. Let's have fun, people!!
There's been a trend lately of people saying incredibly offensive things like, "That's aids" or "This shootout is going to give me ebola" and similar crap. Well, it stops now. Use that sort of thing on the forums or in OOC means in-game (/v, /b, etc.) and you will receive the standard warning for inappropriate language.
Server is back up.

Please read this:http://mt-gaming.com/index.php?threads/server-host-status.65917/page-3#post-957154

Since the maintenance window will be from 2 AM to 7 AM my time and I have to do these silly little things called sleep and go to work, the server will be shutdown around 10 or 11 PM GMT -5 and will be back up whenever I have time to do so.
Shortly after the launch of MTG:LS, the admin team made a deliberate decision to be more lenient with gunfights because they're interesting and exciting. This has had its ups and downs but overall it's a decision we feel good about.

Having said that, it has become overwhelmingly obvious to the admin team that there are a few players who have decided to become knowledgeable about GTA hitboxes/geometry and to use that to their unfair advantage. Gunfights are only fun if there's a fair chance on both sides, so clearly this sort of behavior is not acceptable.

I'm not going to go into detail about how it works because that will only further spread this type of behavior, but those people who are using it will know exactly what I'm talking about. Somebody already got warned today for it and more warnings will be given out should this knowledge be used in the future. Please note that any posts or statuses trying to explain how this works will simply be deleted.

If you want to have a gunfight every day or multiple times a day, and have the roleplay to support it, go right ahead. But don't be a jerk and ruin it for everybody else involved by giving yourself an unfair edge.
I'm making this post because my status will get lost in the sea of over-reactions.

Action #1: A number of players were punished for their idiocy surrounding a players mention of suicide. Some of those players were members/leaders of Cartel.

Action #2: Official gangs are supposed to be examples of what MTG can be/can offer and Cartel has not lived up to that. There were numerous factors involved here.

While Action #1 certainly affected the timing of Action #2, it was not the sole reason for it.
Good afternoon everybody! Just a quick announcement here regarding spaces/areas where players will be considered protected from robbery.

Previously our rule of thumb was that robbing players in public places was ICly a dumb thing to do, because in real life nobody in their right mind would rob another person in front of a police station, but it was allowed. After listening to player feedback and some discussion amongst the admin team, we're going to modify/expand upon that rule.

Any job related place is considered protected and robberies cannot occur there. That means the location where you start/finish mat runs, the location where you sell fish, and so on. From a roleplay perspective, these places are considered to be either too highly watched/populated or have people in those areas who wish to keep the peace and stay off the radar.

Additionally, inside the bank and the general area surrounding the bank as well as inside the PD and the general area surrounding the PD are protected. The amount of security, cameras, and armed personnel that would be in these areas is pretty obvious.

Attempting a robbery in a protected area will be considered non-RP behavior and punished accordingly.

Now, having said that, the admin team will not tolerate any sort of behavior where players try to avoid a robbery by running to one of these places and declaring themselves safe.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please, let's hear them! Negativity and likewhoring will simply be removed with the possibility of a warning handed out.
Good afternoon everybody!

I'm going to be making a number of enhancements on the forums and I figured a post would be easier to track than statuses all over the place. Some will be completely behind-the-scenes, some will be for staff only, and some will be for everybody. I'll list all the changes that apply to everybody here and I look forward to your feedback.

So far:
- Thread events. Ever had problems coordinating an event with our playerbase that's spread around the globe? Well, this addon should help with that.
- Edit post reason. Fairly self-explanatory.
- Members local time. Shows the local time of the player on their profile page and other places.
- Avatars. Tweaks for your avatar, allows you to scale instead of crop and other things.
- Gamer Profiles. Enhance your profile with links to various games and Xbox/PSN/etc. accounts.
- Join User Group. Allows you to join specific user groups. Go here to see which ones are available. Also enabled the creation of official gang private forums.
- No Bot Thread Counter. Bots will no longer be allowed to inflate the view counter on your thread.
- Remove Your Vote. Ever voted for the wrong option? Now you can remove it.
- Change...
Just over a week ago, some former MTG players decided that somebody in our community was no longer allowed the right to privacy. They dug up the legal name, birth name, address, phone number and email address of this community member as well as pictures of their home and details about past relationships; this information was posted to various parts of the internet like YouTube and 4chan and was also used to mock and impersonate the person on social media.

Some of you may be wondering which community member was affected by all this but the fact of the matter is that many of you already know who it is because you've been having a lot of fun spreading the video and links around amongst yourselves.

The community member that had their privacy ripped away was me.

Why was it done? I honestly couldn't tell you. My guess is that it's because they've been permanently banned from MTG but how is that my fault? They're the ones who broke the rules, they're the ones who pushed the boundaries so far that their removal from the community was deemed the best course of action. But here we are with my personal life on display in a way that shouldn't happen to anyone and with large parts of our community thinking it's funny that it happened.

Being an admin is a difficult enough task on its own, there's very little upside and lot of downside; you constantly take shit from people for no reason and heaven help you if you make an unpopular decision even if it's the right one. Being a rank 8/red name admin carries its own set of headaches, usually involving trying to wrangle the admin team into being active. Being the head of the development team can also be stressful, whether it's trying to make sure that updates are done as promised or fixing game-breaking issues or trying to map out what's next on the to-do list. Then there's everything else that's on my shoulders because I'm pretty much the only person who can, or is willing, to do it; server maintenance, new game servers, etc....
I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday! I only got coal for Christmas, no clue what that's all about.

Insurgency fever hit MTG hard and pulled a lot of people into it. Unfortunately it seems to have been a short-lived fascination and so with much sadness I must announce that the regular server and the co-op server have been closed. They may return in the future for special one-off events.

I would like to thank Conor for stepping up and being a wonderful administrator, he was a pleasure to work with. Also props to Willy, Colm and Ethan Croese for believing in MTG Insurgency enough to purchase VIP, it means a lot that you showed an interest that went beyond words.

In case you missed it, this thread happened! After some deliberation, players now have the ability to purchase a forum username change for the low price of five dollars. Why the cost? To put it simply, it's to separate the wishy-washy who want to change their name every two weeks from those who legitimately desire a new username. If you'd like to change your forum username, feel free to purchase the upgrade and then head on over here.